Allison Jones (USA) takes Bronze with style by Allison Jones

So the pursuit is the longest sprint that masochistic idiots participate in. Good news I’m a self diagnosed masochistic idiot that is good at sprinting for 4.5 minutes. The other good news is that if you are good at the pursuit you get to do it twice in one day. Which I just happened to enjoy:)


My name is Allison Jones. I’m a member of the US Paralympic Cycling Team competing at the 2012 London Paralympic Games. Today was the first day of competition and I won a bronze medal in the Women’s C1-3 3km Pursuit. 


My qualifying ride was not how I wanted to execute my ride. I knew I was fully capable of great ride but unfortunately my head got in the way on the third lap. I was running a great starting kilo and I lost the rhythm. Luckily my bad ride was still good enough to qualify fourth, giving me a second chance at a medal in the bronze medal round. 


I knew in the second ride all I wanted to do was ride my race. To go out in style with my head held high. I had a great start and I settled into a grove. A grove I knew would allow me to hold my head high no matter what the result was. At some point in the race I could hear the crowd grow louder and the commentator grow more excited, couldn’t make out a word but knew something big was happening. 


This just fueled my fire and I rode harder. Pushed harder and made sure my head was held high into the clouds. That crowd and announcer was cheering for me taking the lead after starting slower then my competition. My coach yelled at me in the final lap that it was mine. I pedaled even harder into the finish knowing I just jumped up to the Bronze medal. 


Images By Brain Hodes






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