Brad White: UnitedHealthcare Team Player

Brad White: UnitedHealthcare Team Player

Brad White: UnitedHealthcare Team Player

“I’m really excited about the UnitedHealthcare team that we have.  I hope that we can take as many criterium wins as possible and execute the plan that we have set in stone before us.”

Vital Stats

Name: Bradley White

Date of Birth: January 15, 1982 in Troy, Ohio

Height/ Weight: 5’11”/ 165lbs


Career Highlights

2012 USA Pro Criterium Championship, 3rd Place

2012 Tour of Portugal, 10th Place in the Prologue

2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge’s Most Aggressive Rider, Stage 1

2009 Tour of California’s Most Courageous Rider, Stage 3

2009 Tour of Missouri’s Most Aggressive Rider, Stage 4

2008 Tour of Utah, Winner of Sprinter’s Jersey

2007 Winning Tour of the Gila as a CAT 2


How did you get your start racing bikes?

My family was really into riding bikes growing up. More for touring and fun. Later, I got into racing triathlon and mountain bikes. It wasn’t until I was teaching and had the summers off that I started racing road.

What’s your role with UnitedHealthcare?

I’ve always had more of a support role. I either get in the break or chase it. I will also help with the leadout in a sprint finish.

What does it take to win?

You never know when it’s going to be your day. You have to believe in yourself and be patient. It also takes being smart and looking to save energy whenever you can.

What are your favorite races, or places to race?

Tour of Utah has always been one of my favorite races. But some of my most memorable have been the Speedweek races. I have some great memories of racing in the south with my teammates.

What do you tell yourself when you’re suffering in a breakaway?

If I’m suffering in a break, it’s usually because I believe we can make it to the finish. I will tell myself, ‘this is your day. It’s what you’ve trained for.’

Tell us about a favorite moment from racing.

It’s not often that my family gets to watch me race. Recently, at the Glencoe Grand Prix, I was able to win in front of my family. They are the ones who support me more than anyone. To have my wife, son, and daughter there as I came across the line for the win was extra special.

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