BWGP race report by Alan Flores (Spy Blue) 45+

The 45+ race had a solid field with three teams that had numbers: Spy Blue, Breakaway For Cancer and BBI.  A notable rider, Mark Noble, was flying solo.  I stayed at the front with the help of my teammates, John Hatchitt and Seth Davison.  I followed moves and mainly watched Rich Meeker suck up nearly every preem this side of the Pacos.  There was a promising move with Big Orange’s Steve Klasna, BFC’s Rich Meeker and Spy’s Alan Flores when the three of us rolled off the front for a few laps.  This mainly served as a body blow to the field.  Later on, one of the preems was decidedly won by Mark Noble causing the field to chase for half of a lap until we caught him.  That’s when Mr. Vee Rich Meeker decided to fly the coop.  Rich got a solid gap on the field, then the BBI boys tried to close it down.  I was monitoring their progress and I decided it was do or die, so I launched out of the field alone up to Rich.  From there we were all in; two men committed to the winning move.  It was a close call for the first few laps, but with the BFC and Spy Boy’s dashing the hopes of the chasers, we were able to build on our gap.  With three laps to go, I was getting tired, and Rich was doing what a multi-national champion can do; ride!  Props to Rich, as he was the strong man in our tandem effort.  With half of a lap to go, I was in the front going through the last technical dog leg turn, a rounding right, then a tight right, and the final left-hand turn on to the start finish straight.  As we were going through this critical section, I heard the horrible noise of bike parts grinding on the pavement.  I knew Rich had crashed and in the nasty business of bike racing, I was now the default winner.  So I put my head down and flew to the finish solo.  Every dog has their day, and today was mine.  Some twenty seconds later, Craig Miller from BBI and Mark Noble finished up 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Thx…Alan Flores




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