Recap- Awbry Butte Circuit Race-Tvetcov and McGrath win Cascade Cycling Classic Overall Classification.

Stage 5 Cascade Cycling Classic

Stage 5 Cascade Cycling Classic

Stage 5 – Awbry Butte Circuit Race.

Tvetcov and McGrath win Cascade Cycling Classic Overall Classification.
The circuit race is another long standing course for Cascade. It’s a challenging circuit with the main features being the climb out of Tumalo Park and the climb of Archie Briggs. The first climb is a main road climb leading to the feed zone and a long false flat leading to Archie Briggs. This climb begins with a fast twisting descent into a 15% wall followed by more false flat and kicking up to the final stair step KOM summit.  The rest of the course is undulating with fast descents and exposed sections. A well balanced course which comes at the end of an aggressive week of racing.
The men’s race began at 1 PM and as has been the case with every race so far, once the flag dropped at the end of e neutral zone, the attacks began. Immediately, the 150 man field was strung out as it serpentined across the road.  Small groups would escape only to be brought back. This  pattern continued past the first climb of Tumalo Park. The field stayed together but was single file over the top. The attacks continued with 5 Hour particularly active today. Once the over Archie Briggs a group of 20 was able to get away but this too was pulled back. The peloton, which was being lead primarily by Jelly Belly riding for yellow jersey wearer Tvetcov, was not going to let anything go unless it had the right combination of riders.
Coming into the Tumalo Park climb on lap 2, a group of 12 had managed to get off the front.  This group had 25 seconds over the top of the climb and quickly increased to 55 seconds entering Archie Briggs. The group was working well together with no one sitting on.  Flavio Deluna of SmartStop- Mountain Khakis took the KOM and the break had increased their gap to 1:15 over the peloton. The break was well represented with single riders from Bissell, Optum, Giant, Bontrager, BMC, Jelly Belly, 5 Hour, SmartStop, Hincapie, Astellas Oncology, and 2 Hagens Berman riders.
Lap 3 saw this gap increase to its largest gap of 1:45 as they crested the Tumalo Park climb. Deluna again took KOM over the Archie Briggs climb with the breaks gap at 1:15. Jelly Belly were controlling the break and riding strongly on the front. It seemed that the race was shaping up for a fast finale.
As lap 4 began, the gap was down to 1:05 and would drop to 40 seconds only to increase again to 1:10. Clearly the two groups were figuring out their tactics for the final phase of the race. As lap 5 began the peloton had swallowed up the break but two riders attacked and established a small gap. Eric Marcotte of Elbowz Racing p/b Boneshaker and James Oram of Bontrager Cycling held onto a tenuous 15 second gap all the way to the Archie Briggs climb. It was a strong move but just too much to ask with this motivated field behind. The race was all together leading into the fast final 5 km. Four riders managed to get a small gap leading into the final 500 meters of the race with Rosskopf of Hincapie Sportswear taking the spring with teammate Clark taking second and Mancebo of 5 Hour Energy p/b Kenda taking third.
It proved to be an important sprint win for Rosskopf. With the time bonuses available on the stage he jumped to 2nd overall.  Tvetcov of Jelly Belly p/b  Kenda took the overall honors with Chad Haga of Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies hanging onto 3rd
The women faced 3 laps and 51 miles of the Deschutes Brewery – Awbry Butte Circuit Race. With a more established GC, the race was really going to have to some fireworks to shake up the final. The women’s race was run at an aggressive pace as was evidenced by the continual number of riders shed off the back.  A motivated Team Exergy Twenty 16 did a very good job of controlling the race for their yellow jersey wearer McGrath.
The stage came down to two riders with Amanda Miller of Team TIBCO taking the days honors with Jade Wilcoxson of Optum p/b Kelly Benefits taking second. Lauren Rauck Komanski of NOM and Novartis for MS came in a minute later and took the sprint for 3rd.  McGrath came is few seconds off of  Haeusler of Team TIBCO but remained safely in yellow to take the final GC. Haeusler remained in 2nd overall with Abbott of TIBCO rounding out the podium.
The 2013 Cascade Cycling Classic produced some aggressive and tactical racing.  The women’s race saw an aggressive Team TIBCO race hard from the start and establish the hierarchy that would see McGrath take a well deserved win.  The men’s field was tightly contested with all the teams riding hard right to the final sprint.  At times it appeared to be a battle between the old and new guard with the final result being some fantastic racing.
The race is obviously embraced by the Bend community. The race organization and number of volunteers was impressive to say the least. It’s an incredible event that should remain in high standing on the NRC calendar or years to come.
-Travis Dixon

Stage 1 of the Cascade Cycling Classic


Stage 1 of the Cascade Cycling Classic was held today, July 17 on the challenging McKenzie Pass Course. The men and women raced 74 miles with a finishing climb to Three Creeks Sno-Park. This final climb features ramps up to 14% in sections and the stage climbs right to the finish line. It was going to be a tough day in the saddle for the riders.

The men’s race began with a 7 mile neutral zone and once the flag dropped the attacks started immediately. Small groups would go off the front but nothing stuck until about 35 miles into the stage when 5 riders were able to get a gap on the peloton. The break had the right mix of teams represented as they quickly built up a 10 minute gap as they arrived to the base of the McKenzie Pass climb. 3 riders remained a they crested the summit with a gap of roughly 1:30. The long fast decent saw Yanic Eckman of California Giant/Specialized, the only surviving member of the break, and Michael Weicht of CashCall, who bridged from the peloton, arrive into Sisters with a 40 second gap on the peloton. Team Bissell Pro Cycling rode a great team race on the final climb isolating Francesco Mancebo and yellow jersey wearer Robert Sweeting both of 5 Hour Energy p/b Kenda.
Phil Gaimon of Bissell Pro Cycling takes us through the final climb, “Basically, it’s always about that last climb. It was on 5 Hour Energy to control the race all day, and they did good job as they had yellow and the defending champion (Mancebo). So, we just sat back until the base of the finishing climb where we took over. We had a few guys that we were saving up to just kill it with 10 km to go. We put Pipp (Frank) on the front to string things out and that launched Baldwin (Chris). He kinda fried out there but this made Mancebo and Team Optum chase. Then once everyone was hurting I jumped across and Chris gave me a little gas and I was able to ride it to the finish but there was a Bontrager Cycling Team rider on my wheel, at 200 meters to go, I am not sure what happened as I was looking forward and he was looking back, and we just kind of got tangled and he went down which is a shame as he would’ve killed me in the sprint.”
Gaimon crossed the line to take the win and race leaders jersey. Mancebo crossed a handful of seconds later with Baldwin, Carter Jones, and Michael Torckler, all of Bissell Pro Cycling, right on his wheel. Robert Sweeting of 5 Hour Energy p/b Kenda lost his jersey on the stage and had this to say at the finish, “It was hard. I tried to stay as fresh as possible for the final climb. I knew that Mancebo would be our best guy for the day. I was hoping to lose less time than I did but once I got dropped with about 5 km to go I tried to conserve and hopefully have a better day tomorrow for the TT. We have Mancebo in 2nd overall so we are really happy about that. I think it’s going to be a good week.” TJ Eisenhart of BMC Development Team put in a strong ride to take the Best Young Riders jersey.
It was a strong performance by Bissell Pro Cycling but with the time gaps being so tight going into tomorrow’s TT, it’s still anybody’s race.
The women’s race began 10 minutes after the men. Yellow jersey wearer Allison Powers and her team, NOW and Novartis for MS, rode strongly and were able to control the peloton until the McKenzie Pass climb. Once the peloton began the climb proper, all that work seemed to take its toll and Powers had a more difficult time controlling the race. 3 riders broke away from the peloton roughly halfway up the climb. Kristen McGrath and Mara Abbott, both of team Exergy-Twenty 16, and Claudia Haeusler of team TIBCO worked well together building a gap of over 3 minutes and stayed away to the finish.
Kristen McGrath takes us through the stage, “We knew we have a lot of strong climbers on this team so we needed to use that to our advantage and try to get as much time for all of our climbers before the TT tomorrow. Allison’s (Powers) teammates set her up really well coming into McKenzie Pass but that meant that they had done a lot of work. Once they began to tire we made the pace really hard and we kept attacking. I ended up getting away with Claudia (Haeusler) and then Mara (Abbott) was able to bridge up. We worked really well together all the way to the finish. This also allowed Andrea Dvorak to sit on the yellow jersey, once we had her isolated. Then she was able to go on the final climb and get 4th place. So, it’s great that we got a lot of riders up the road. We are gonna take it one day at a time but we have a lot of cards to play.”
Haeusler took off with 200 meters to go and was able to take the win with McGrath and Abbott rounding out the top three. There was some confusion with the yellow jersey presentation with Haeusler initially being given the GC lead but before she could even donn the jersey the decision was reversed and McGrath was awarded the yellow jersey. As consolation, Haeusler was awarded the QOM jersey. The Best Young Rider jersey remained with Jasmin Glaessser of Exergy.
Stage one provided some aggressive and tactical racing for both the men and women. With 4 stages remaining the 2013 Cascade Cycling Classic promises to be an exciting edition.
-Travis Dixon

Avenue of the Flags Criterium

Avenue of the Flags Criterium

Avenue of the Flags Criterium

by Michael Weicht (CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team)

The CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team has been pretty busy racing all over the country.  Fabrizio Von Nacher just raced the National Championships in Mexico. I went back to Germany to compete in the National Championships of my country.

It was awesome to have almost the whole CashCall squad out racing the 805 Criteriums on Saturday and Sunday. It made it especially great that everybody was so focused and motivated for the win like we were last weekend. The race and the whole weekend was great evidence that cycling is one of the biggest team sports.

The Avenue of the Flags Criterium was my first time racing in Buellton, and an event like this is just as good as the people who organize it. The race promoter did a great job and all the fans, volunteers, and racers were super excited for the race. I like that kind of feeling when you come to an event where everybody just wants to see an exciting bike race.

When we arrived at the race, we heard it had been very hot and windy all day. To be honest, our CashCall teammate, Joy McCulloch, who was racing the women’s race at 2PM, hit really hot conditions. They raced in 105 F! After the woman’s race, a little breeze brought the temperature down as the cat 3 men raced and we got ready to start.

For the race, the CashCall team had Devan Dunn, David Santos, Fabrizio Von Nacher, Brian McCulloch, Logan Loader, Chris Barton, and me. As a team, we were really aggressive in the race with a lot of attacks. We always had one or two guys in the breaks and the rest of the team was ready for the counter attacks. We definitely played the team card well. The move that finally stuck included me, Brandon Gritters (Rokform), and Jesse Anthony (Optum). In the third quarter of the race, our trio lapped the field. I collected my teammates and the whole CashCall team went on the front to work for the sprint finish. Although both Gritters and Anthony had solid teammates in the peloton, I was confident in my team and it was good that I had just two other riders to watch in the finish. My teammates did an awesome job to lead me out me so that I could bring my arms up on the finish line for the victory.

I would like to thank Paul Abrahams, our team director, for taking such good care of the team like always. It is so much easier in the race with his help and we could not have success without him.

Thank you to the CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team and our sponsors: CashCall Morgage, KHS Bicycles, iRT Wheels, Hammer Nutrition, Shimano, Rudy Project, Velo Saddles, Xpedo, Serfas, Rennie and Associates, Chamois Butt’r, Kenda Tires, Praxis Works, Bike Religion, and Finish Line Bicycle Care Products.

Full Results-Logan Loader (CashCall) WINS the USAC Elite Nationals Time Trial


Logan Loader WINS the USAC Elite Nationals Time Trial

Logan Loader WINS the USAC Elite Nationals Time Trial

Logan Loader WINS the USAC Elite Nationals Time Trial! He clocked a smoking fast time of 36:19! Chris Barton places 2nd with an excellent ride of 36:54!

1 268.24 Logan Loader Pacific Grove, CA 36:19.54 198542 51B CashCall Mortgage

2 272.23 Christopher Barton Camarillo, CA 36:54.31 185877 9B CashCall Mortgage

3 276.22 James Peterman Boulder, CO 37:05.44 195657 64B Sonic Boom Racing /Sonic Boom Racing Team

4 280.22 Cameron Cogburn Cambridge, MA 37:09.35 235379 22B CCB/CCB Racing

5 284.21 Paul Martin North Royalton, OH 37:09.99 207549 55B Panther/Bakehouse

6 288.20 Tim Mulvihill Park City, UT 37:13.16 310119 250B The Contender Club/CONTENDER BICYCLES

7 292.19 Michael Margarite New York, NY 37:14.85 211807 54B Stan’s NoTubes P/b Proferrin

8 296.19 Brant Speed Austin, TX 37:23.23 240584 78B Pedal Hard Cycling

9 300.18 Stephen (Cody) Haroldsen Salt Lake City, UT 37:27.52 230640 37B Utah Premier-Ski Utah Cycling Team

10 304.17 Timothy Mitchell Ashland, MA 37:29.51 137395 57B CCB/CCB Racing

11 308.16 David Santos El Cajon, CA 37:31.77 278526 71B CashCall Mortgage

12 312.15 Stefan Rothe Austin, TX 37:39.15 205741 69B Tulsa Wheelmen/Tulsa Tough Racing pb ICEdot

13 316.15 Nicholas Kimpton Minneapolis, MN 37:41.14 293536 45B Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club/MBRC/Flanders

14 320.14 Winston David Greenville, SC 37:46.73 194743 27B The 706 Project/Team United Healthcare Georgia/The 706 P

15 324.13 Jonathan Jacob Evansville, IN 37:50.30 226733 41B ICC BISSELL-ABG-GIANT/BISSELL-ABG-GIANT

16 328.12 Blair Berbert Washington, DC 37:50.89 203786 11B Lateral Stress Velo Inc./Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV

17 332.12 Shawn Rosenthal Berkeley, CA 37:51.87 196247 67B Team Mike’s Bikes p/b Incase

18 336.11 Alex Vanias Leroy, MI 37:57.66 291766 84B ICC BISSELL-ABG-GIANT/BISSELL-ABG-GIANT

19 340.10 David Wenger North Lima, OH 38:10.39 89282 86B Super Squadra/Bicycle Sport Shop pb Integrity

20 344.09 Andrew Seitz Pittsburgh, PA 38:11.04 291272 74B Panther/Bakehouse [Read more…]

Racing The Ring Of Fire


Racing The Ring Of Fire

Racing The Ring Of Fire

by Joy McCulloch-CashCall Mortgage Cycling

Nothing says foreshadowing better than listening to our CashCall Mortgage Cycling teammate Chris Barton rock out to Johnny Cash’s “The Ring of Fire” as we prepped for the SCNCA District Road Race Championships in Bakersfield, CA. Sadly, I had the song in my head for the 50 miles of the elite women’s race. Brian tells me he was actually singing it during the elite men’s 100 mile event. The heat does make you do crazy things.


OK, just to get you off the edge of your desk chair, I did not win. And to put frosting on the cupcake, I lost the sprint and bike throw (read slow-mo slog to the finish) for 2nd place by half a wheel. But, those things aren’t why I race my bicycle.

[Read more…]

A Bike Throw By Logan Loader (Cashcall Mortgage Cycling)

A Bike Throw By Logan Loader (Cashcall Mortgage Cycling)

A Bike Throw By Logan Loader (Cashcall Mortgage Cycling)

by Logan Loader (Cashcall)

Monday, May 27 was the Morgan Hill Memorial Day Criterium. For as long as I’ve been racing I remember this race and have always had a great time. The race is a flat, wide-open, four-corner criterium and has always proven to be a fast race with a lot of attacking and surges.  However, it usually comes down to a big field sprint.

As we started the race there were attacks from the first lap.   However, the groups were nearly always too large with one of the main teams either missing the break altogether or only having one rider out of 10+ in the move. Pretty early in the race it became obvious that Mikes Bikes were very confident in the one-two punch, with James Laberge and Dan Holloway, so I figured I would wait and be patient as it seemed inevitable to be a field sprint. About halfway through the race there was a large crash that took out 20+riders. Although I didn’t go down, someone managed to take my rear wheel out causing me to take a free lap as well a neutral wheel.

As I got back into the race I tried to just get the legs rolling again and focus on the finish. With 4 laps to go, a move went up the road that looked to be a bit dangerous being led by Bear Development’s Tobin Ortenblad. However, Mikes Bikes very quickly gathered at the front of the race and started the chase. With one lap to go, the break was brought back and the race was on! As I sat on about the 5th wheel a small surge happened and I quickly found myself starting to get boxed in. As I got back into position the sprint started to open up with Dan Holloway leading Laberge out. Coming to the line it was anyone’s race as it came down to a bike throw between James and me. After a few minutes, the call was in. Laberge took the win by a tire length, followed by me, and Dan Holloway for 3rd.

As always, thanks for reading and thanks to everybody who helped make such a great race.

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Justin Williams, CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team -Long Beach St. Patrick’s Day Criterium Race Report:

Justin Williams, CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team -Long Beach St. Patrick’s Day Criterium Race Report:

Justin Williams, CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team -Long Beach St. Patrick’s Day Criterium Race Report:

Long Beach St. Patrick’s Day Criterium Race Report: Justin Williams, CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team

On Sunday, I met up with the rest of my CashCall Mortgage teammates in Tustin, CA to ride to the race. Everyone was stoked to see each other and it was really cool to ride the 40 miles together. It was nice to have time on the bike to talk, joke and reflect on the last few weeks of racing prior to the race without being in a rush. We had a good ride over with a few exciting moments with city traffic, that’s for sure. The more time we spend together, the better we learn to understand and work well with each other. It was also a huge plus having Devan Dunn back on the bike riding with us.


This race is my home race, I have trained on this course since I was 13 years old. I love the course. It is wide open with plenty of space in the corners and always fast. The conditions are a little different on race day with more wind and the wind showing up in different places. This year the home straight was tail wind and the back straight was head wind, which made for a fast hard race.


CashCall Mortgage had 9 guys (Fabrizio Von Nacher, David Santos, Brian McCulloch, Logan Loader, Cole House, Wes Holloway, Chris Barton, Michael Weicht and myself) in the field, giving us a a big advantage. We always start the race aggressive and ended up getting Michael, Logan, and Holloway up the road early. That put us in a good spot with all three guys having really good kicks at the end of a hard race. The group up the road grew too big for our liking though, with a hand full of Monster Media riders getting across. So we decided to reshuffle it. Halfway through the race, we had Logan up the road in a breakaway of 3 riders. Chris, Dave, and Brian half way across the gap in a group of four. The rest of the guys sat in the field waiting to see how this would play out.


In the last 15 minutes of the race, we had a situation on our hands and we’d have to think fast. Monster Media and Cal-Giant brought the group of four riders between groups back to the main field and Logan was getting attacked and counter attacked by the riders in the break. Knowing he had Fabrizio and I in the field, Logan sat up from the break and the chase was on.


We had 5 laps to bring back 30 seconds and the guys buried themselves to get us there. With 2 laps to go, the gap to the breakaway of two riders was at 10-15 seconds and we needed a bit more steam. Fabrizio left my side and took a long hard pull at the front to give the other boys a little rest and close the gap to 5 seconds. We caught the two leaders with one lap to go and my guys put me in position to close the race for the team. Michael, Cole, and Fabrizio saved just enough to get me to the last corner and I started my sprint with 200 meters to go.


Today was a perfect example of how much of team sport cycling truly is. Without all of my CashCall Mortgage teammates, this victory would not have been possible. Thanks to them, we achieved the win as a team.


After the race, we had our team meeting, put our vests back on and jumped back on the bikes to ride back to Tustin. On the two hour ride back to OC, spirits were high and I feel like I earned the respect and trust of my guys. We had fun and rode hard all the way home, testing each other after 100 plus miles. It was a great day for the CashCall Mortgage Cycling Team.


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Listen-David Santos(CashCall Mortgage) All Access Merco Stage 1




CashCall Mortgage

What is your biggest race result or victory?: I have won both the CA Road Race and TT State Championships.

What are you most excited about for the 2013 season with CashCall?:  To help the team win tons of races and become one of the top teams in the nation, and also to race Battenkill.

What is your favorite Hammer Nutrition product?: The Cashew Coconut Chocolate Chip Hammer Bar……I could live off that nutrition bar!!!!

What is your favorite post-race meal?:  Top notch high quality Mediterranean food, especially if it’s a buffet.

What do you like most about the Jakroo products?: I love how perfectly they fit.  All their products are light-weight and functionally sound.  If it weren’t deemed as being “weird” I would sleep in my kit.

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