Roll Recovery- interbike12- One of the best products we found!

After training, blood and toxins accumulate in your legs. One of the fastest ways to recover is to remove these waste products.

Revolutionary in design, the R8 massage roller was developed to flush your legs after workouts, improve circulation and blood flow to tired muscles, and reduce recovery time between workouts. It is easy to use, feels great on tired legs, and is small enough to take anywhere.

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Gravity Check- interbike2012

Great brands are born in moments of sudden inspiration. Gravity Check™ had its eureka moment when founder Ofer Raz, an avid Roadie, found himself sitting with friends during another après-ride recap following another long day’s journey. He looked around the table at his riding mates and noticed that, as always, all had shed their cycling clothes in favor of comfortable, casual wear.

What struck him as hard as a bad fall after a tricky turn was the fact that everyone was wearing something that represented a different sport – from surfer’s T-shirts to Yachtsmen’s polos, soccer shorts to ski hats. Symbols of the grace and glory of other people’s games, but nothing – not even a hint – of the Ride. Because it simply did not exist.

Many long miles and longer conversations later, Gravity Check™ was born – a labor of love launched by entrepreneurial cycling junkies who are all unashamedly addicted to bringing the Ride to everyday lifestyle apparel. Our dedicated team includes professional cyclists and weekend warriors, as well as talented design, logistic and manufacturing professionals with proven equity in the world of fashion.

Together, we are working to create a world-class apparel brand inspired by the thrill and joy of cycling culture and fully integrate it into the cycle of everyday life. Gravity Check™ strives to be an eminently wearable expression of our unique riding identity that captures the excitement, enthusiasm and passion we feel every day as part of an ever-growing global tribe.

Gravity Check™ currently maintains offices in Tel Aviv and a showroom on Madison Avenue in New York. The company benefits from the support of an established group of investors who recognize its vast potential impact and are committed to helping Gravity Check™ achieve its global expansion.

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FSA interview from interbike 2012!

2011 was a year filled with success and innovation for Full Speed Ahead (FSA). We aimed high, and achieved excellent results. Now we are challenging ourselves again in 2012. We move forward with a desire to deliver the best possible components to our customers and a determined spirit of competition.

At the end of 2009 FSA celebrated the opening of a new, modern factory. It is a four story 125,000 square foot building dedicated to manufacturing, making it one of central Taiwan’s largest and most efficient factories.

The new campus represents more than our company’s growth and commitment to the cycling industry, it allows us to more than double our manufacturing capacity and incorporates the very latest technology. Among other changes, we have increased carbon component production and testing capacity, added hot press carbon rim molding machines and 5-axis high-speed CNC machines, which allows us to ramp up the capacity of our carbon rims and proprietary hubs while offering uncompromising quality control for all our products.

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Why Vie13? Interview from interbike 2012~

Why Vie?
The answer is in the definition
Vie – compete for something;
engage in a contest;
measure oneself against others;

to strive for victory or superiority;
contend.Why 13?
The upside down 13 has been synonymous with cycle sports for over 100years. Its the only number written in the international rules that can be used upside down. Superstitious athletes have raced with the number turned to cancel out the bad luck. This practice in cycling circles is know as “making your own luck”. This just happens to be our brand motto!

Why Vie13?
Quality; We buy the best fabric’s from around the world, mostly from Italy, Switzerland and France. We pride ourselves in our cuttings and double stitch or flat lock all our garments.
Quantity; We have no minimums you can order 1 item or 100,000
Qualified; We have over 60 years combined experience in Professional sport and working with stretch fabrics and sublimation.

Our customer service is 2nd to none. We love what we do, and we love all Cycle sport… We don’t want to take you for a ride… We want to go on the ride with you!

We are proud to say we’re the last of the full custom manufacturers. We offer a tailored custom fit for the very tall, very short, unique or Para athlete’s. This service is only $10 per item or free for the para athletes.

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CrossVegas Preview Curtain Rises on the International Cross Season in CrossVegas

When the curtain rises in Las Vegas on Wednesday September 19, critics and spectators alike will be wondering how this “opening night” performance for the first UCI Category 1 race of the international season will play out.    Will it be a Las Vegas style “revival” of 2011 with an all Euro superstar sweep of the podium?   Or will the homegrown actors prevail on this glitzy cyclocross stage – the biggest cross race outside of Europe?


The marquee favorite heading into the 6th edition of CrossVegas will be Rabobank- Giant Off-Road rider Lars Van der Haar of The Netherlands.  The winner in 2011 and two-time U-23 World Champion, Var der Haar will face a rematch from Rob Peeters of Belgium, the Telenet-Fidea rider who finished just a bit short in the sprint finish of 2011 ending up 3rd on the podium.  Swiss rider Christian Heule, who rounded out the all-Euro award ceremony in 2011, exited the international cross stage retiring at the end of last season.

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