Holiday Gift Guide # 17 by Jen See


Holiday Gift Guide

By Jen See


It’s the season for giving, and if you’re like me, you wander lost through the stores both real and virtual without a clue what to buy. Buying gifts is hard, you guys. Fear not! I have scoured the internets and come up with the perfect list. Well, I think it’s pretty perfect, anyway. Looking for ideas? Read on, my friends!


Everyone likes books, and books about cycling are pretty much the best thing. Shopping for a racing fan? Check out the Cycling Anthology. ( The Anthology collects writing from fourteen cycling writers — William Fotheringam writes on Bradley Wiggins, Edward Pickering has a piece about Thomas Voeckler, James Startt tells the story of Frédéric Guesdon’s final Paris-Roubaix, among others. These chapters are labors of love by top-level cycling writers, and racing fans will find plenty to enjoy here.


For something completely different, pick up the story collection Vélo by Paul Fournel. Fournel is a French writer and philosopher, who happens to have a deep passion for riding bikes. He has spent a lifetime on the bike, and it shows in his writing. Drawings Jo Burt complement the writing. It’s a beautiful little book. Not convinced? You can read my review, if you like. ( Or just head straight to Rouleur to order. (


You can never have too many clothes, or at least, that’s what my closet seems to suggest. Colorado-based clothing company Pactimo has a stocking stuffer sale on now. Selected clothing is 40% off. ( Not finding what you’re looking for? Have a look-see at the Pactimo designer jersey collection. So many scrumptious colors. (


It’s cold in the winter. Stop laughing! It is! Even in California! No matter the weather, we like to go outside and play bikes. The dudes at Panache Cyclewear are on our team with fleece bibshorts. Fleece! Better still, they make a women’s version. Women’s fleece bibshorts! Where have you been all my life? Forget gift-giving, I’m going shopping for ME! Not interested in bibshorts? Try the Panache windvest. Warmth without flapping. Because nobody likes flapping. (


You need coffee to get out of bed. You need coffee to get on the bike. You need coffee to get work done. Really, you just need coffee. Handlebar Coffee Roasters is here to help. Ex-pro bike racers Aaron Olson and Kim Anderson roast their beans daily, so you can get out of bed, get on the bike, and get your work done. They have an online store with several varieties on offer. Head over and have a look. Or, stop by next time you’re in Santa Barbara. (


Next year is a whole new year, and everyone will need to know what day it is. You are shopping for cycling fans, right? Well, look no further than the lovely photographs of Jered and Ashley Gruber. The Grubers have put together a calendar of their fabulous images. They ride the roads you dream of riding. Then, they take photos of them. No one wants to look at a boring wall calendar, and how many years of kittens can you have? Check out Jered’s description of putting the calendar together. (


More photography, because you can never go wrong with nice images. Brian Black Hodes of Cycling Illustrated has a collection of notecards with some of his favorite cycling images. (


Or, if you’d like a more eclectic mix, check out this collection from Chris See. Cycling, mountains, snow, surf. There’s something for everyone! (


If you’re like me and you haven’t even thought about sending out holiday cards yet, head over to Zazzle and pick up some original art from Long Beach-based digital artist Sheri Ki Sun Burnham. (


Need one last stocking stuffer? How about a bag of Action Wipes? It’s good to be tidy, especially if you like to play bikes, and Action Wipes are a nice on-the-go solution. Eucalyptus scent! Like the Koala Bears, maybe. (


If you’re shopping for me, also please feel free to drop a hand full of Chocolate-dipped Coconut Luna Bars in my stocking. They’re just so good. ( And maybe add a couple Osmo Nutrition blackberry singles to wash it down. People get thirsty, you know. (


Happy Holidays and good luck with the shopping!



2013 AToC: A Local’s Eye View

The 2013 Amgen Tour of California Host Cities Announced: A Local’s Eye View

By Jen See

“Well, if you were directly above him, lieutenant, how could you see him?”
“Because I was inverted.”
“You were in a 4G, inverted dive with a Mig-28?”
“Yes, m’am.” — Top Gun

Like Maverick, the Amgen Tour of California is flying inverted for 2013. In a break from tradition, the race will run from south to north with the city of Escondido hosting the race’s start on 12 May. The race finishes on 19 May in Santa Rosa. [Read more…]

Talking Women’s Cycling with Kristy Scrymgeour of Specialized-lululemon #WSWC


Talking Women’s Cycling with Kristy Scrymgeour of Specialized-lululemon


Kristy Scrymgeour is the owner and founder of the Specialized-lululemon women’s team. She raced four years at the elite level, and more recently, she served as the media representative for the HTC-Highroad team. In summer 2011, Scrymgeour built the Specialized-lululemon team on the foundations of HTC-Highroad, after the world’s number one team failed to find sufficient sponsorship and folded.


As the owner of one of the top women’s teams, Scrymgeour is committed to growing the sport. Though women’s cycling faces its share of challenges, Scrymgeour is optimistic about the future and expects the sport to grow significantly over the next few years. Cycling Illustrated caught up with Scrymgeour last week to get her perspective on where women’s cycling stands now and where it might be headed.


“Women’s professional cycling, if you think about the level of racing, is at a good place right now,” Scrymgeour said. “I think if you talk to riders who’ve been around for a few years, every year for the past fifteen years, just progressively, it’s gotten harder and harder to win a race.” She sees the riders rising to the challenge of the more competitive racing that has come from better-organized and more professional teams. “I think the riders enjoy that, and it’s led to teams becoming more unified and race tactics becoming more exciting.”


The biggest challenge for women’s cycling now is to make it more widely available for fans to watch, in her view. “There’s people trying to do that on an individual level around the world, but there needs to be kind of a big concerted effort on that,” Scrymgeour believes. “Definitely what the sport needs is to be seen and in turn, it will grow because it will become more viable to sponsors.”

Tour de France 2013 Preview: Climber’s Party


Tour de France 2013 Preview: Climber’s Party

By: Jen See

On Wednesday in Paris, the Tour de France organizers unveiled the 100th edition of the race. The event came two days after the UCI decision to confirm Lance Armstrong’s ban and strip his seven Tour titles. The show must go on, the race organizers seemed to be saying. The riders and assembled media were encouraged to avoid talk of doping, and so while cycling’s storm continued unabated outside the presentation, the unveiling of next year’s course went forward as if nothing at all was the matter.

[Read more…]

Lance Armstrong and USADA

By: Jen See

Welcome to my first column for Cycling Illustrated. I plan to show up here every couple weeks and write about cycling. So you should show up, too. Simple, right? As some of you know, I’m not especially good with days of the week, so I don’t dare claim that I will show up on a particular day each week. I like to keep you guessing. Routine is pretty overrated. So are deadlines. Sorry editors! I love you! Really, I do!




In 2001, Lance Armstrong attacked on the Alpe d’Huez and as he bounded up the road, he turned, and over his shoulder, gave his rival Jan Ullrich “the Look.” The moment became one of the key episodes in the Armstrong mythology that grew, larger than life, out of the American’s seven Tour de France victories.

[Read more…]