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Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage 1 Big Bear TT

Redlands Bicycle Classic
by Phil Tinstman (MRI Endurance P/B Monster Media)


Redlands Bicycle Classic

by Phil Tinstman (MRI Endurance P/B Monster Media)


A little over a month ago, there was talk amongst the team that we were trying to field a team for Redlands and the U23 squad obviously was going to be the focus. With the team number limitations and the limited overall experience of the U23 team, there were a few spots going to be open for a few masters guys like me.   I saw this as an opportunity! Chris DeMarchi and I wanted to be part of it, so we earned ourselves a spot and we also picked up New Zealander ace Dion Smith as his team was left without an invite. Making my Redlands debut at the ripe old age of 38 was going to be fun, right?

The opening day at Big Bear was going to be rough at elevation. Jumping up just short of 7000 feet from sea level is never fun. I had only researched the course profile and watched a video that Chris Demarchi had filmed from his car a month or so earlier while on a family getaway, so I had an idea, but I didn’t exactly know what the TT course had in store. It was a hard, rolling course.  I felt alright, but catching my 30-second guy and nearing the halfway turn-around I was gasping.  ” I don’t like this elevation,”  I thought to myself. 7.8 miles later, with a time of 16:34, 1:41 back from the leaders, I thought, “Whoa, I’m not in Kansas anymore!” Our top time of the day was Dion in 87th with a 16:09 and Hunter Grove, Demarchi , Teko, and I were all within 16 seconds of each other followed by other team members Orlando, Diego and Cory. [Read more…]

Merco Cycling Classic: David Beats Goliath

Merco Hilltop Road Race

Merco Cycling Classic: David Beats Goliath

by Matthew Carinio

February has already been a dream month for me, winning 8 out of 11 races, but these events have been stepping-stones to the first real target of the season at Merco. Twelve months ago, I was at Merco dealing with severe knee pain that ended up being tendinitis and would keep me off my bike for the spring.  I was thankful to be racing this time around with my legs in proper working order.  I was also very happy to be heading to the race with my amazing teammates Craig Nunes, Nate Erickson, Blake Reed, and Patrick Hampton.

The Merco Cycling classic is the biggest stage race for Masters in California. The four stage format of RR, TT, Crit, and RR means that opportunities for all types of riders exist.  It also guarantees all the big road teams (like Monster Media, Folsom, and PrimeTime) will be there to impose their dominance. [Read more…]

Video-MERCO Masters Downown Criterium


It was a great day to watch the Downtown Merco Criterium . We saw Ken Hanson (Optum/KB) win the sprint in the Men’s Pro Field. Then we got to watch Ina-Yoko Teutenberg out sprint the ladies to be victorious. The Masters race did not let us down as Kayle LeoGrande (MMRI) out sprinted the field to win the Master 35+ race.

More Sprint Videos are on the way!

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MMRI U23 wins first in style!


Orlando Garibay (MMRI has more reports from the team)

When the MRI u23 team took the line at the second Ontario of the year I realized that we would be the team to beat. We had strength in our numbers, therefore I knew we would be look at to help control the race. The attacks began on the first lap and never let up. My team mates did a nice job of making sure all of the moves were covered. The field was very motivated and moves never lasted more than a lap or so on course. The first 30 minutes of the race were relentless and the pace was beginning to take it’s toll on the field. The Green Machine was working on the front of the field like a runaway train demolishing everything in it’s path on the closing laps. Demarchi, Hunter, Diego, and Teco (Jose) , were taking hard pull on the front ensuring that no one would attack and that Cory and I would stay ahead of the swarm. The boys controlled the race until 2 laps to go and at this point I had a tired team and a fresh Cory Williams left as my lead out man. Get Crackin’ briefly took control of the race going into 1 to go but with 3 turns to go Cory began to wind up his sprint essentially launching me into the last 300 meters at full speed. In the closing meters I saw a wheel creeping up my left side but I knew I would hold enough speed to take the win. My team mates CJ and Teco also took 6th and 9th! [Read more…]

Video-Race Day Episode 1

Jamie Paolinetti and teammates from The Hard Road, former Master’s National Champions and a group of committed sponsors attempt to mentor cycling’s next generation of young aspiring pros through the potential pitfalls, challenges and rewards of what is one of the most difficult and tumultuous sports in the world.
Follow these committed young athletes and help support them in their perilous journey for respect and redemption of the sport they love.

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Video-Chris DeMarchi (MRI) in “The Conversation”


Chris DeMarchi talks to us about the MRI U-23 program and his goals for the 2013 season. He is doing great things for cycling and he has great sponsors behind him. MRI, Monster Media, Masi Bikes, SPY,Litigation Services, J Velo, Mammoth High Altitude Training, Surfers Healing, Zoot, SC VELO, INCYCLE, Sock Guy…..Hope I did not miss any:)

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MRI Endurance P/B Monster Media Racing expands for 2013


MRI Endurance P/B Monster Media Racing expands for 2013 and announces Team Roster


Chino, CA – In its third year of existence and after a very successful 2012 racing season, MRI Endurance P/B Monster Media Racing heads into 2013 with an expanded program targeted at youth development.  Celebrating over 61 wins and over double that in podium appearances with the Elite Masters 35+ and Elite Junior programs of 2012, the team will be gunning for even more in 2013 with the addition of an Elite U23 squad. Each of the three programs will have their own identities and will be under the overall watch of Team Director Chris DeMarchi with Tim Ferreira managing the Elite Junior squad and Austin Carroll as rider/Manager of the Elite U23. Team growth is a key focus and priority.

Supporting a 20-man roster, the Elite Masters squad has been the root of the team focused not only on winning races, but mentoring the younger racers on the team. With an impressive roster and a large collection of National Championship wins from the pro ranks to more recent masters’ events, the wealth of knowledge and experience is plentiful. The Elite Masters squad will be on board with returning bike sponsor Masi Bicycle Evoluziones equipped with Ritchey components, Mercury Wheels and Kenda tires, who are all sponsors of the growing program. Team signature green colors along with clothing from JL Velo will set them apart from the rest of the fields.


At the start of the development cycle, the Elite Juniors are looking to set a new standard. In their debut season, the team was very impressive producing US National team members and they look even stronger in 2013. In its second year, returning members are feeling strong and are optimistic about the new rider additions as well as the National Series races on the schedule. Managed by Tim Ferreira, the eight-rider Elite Junior squad will share the same sponsors as the Elite Masters team and will be riding Masi Evoluziones in Junior as well as Pro 1,2 events.

New for 2013 is the Elite U23 squad under the MRI Endurance P/B Monster Media Racing umbrella featuring a 12-rider squad headed by rider/manager Austin Carroll. “Cream-of-the-crop” would be a phrase used to describe these riders; strict guidelines were used in selecting each of them. National Championship titles from two different countries are represented in the squad, with a focus on winning more in 2013. The Elite U23 squad will be supported by new Elite U23 team sponsor Cannondale and all will be riding the highly touted Supersix Evo also with Mercury Wheels and Kenda tires.  Setting the teams apart in crossover events such as Pro 1,2 races will be easy with the U23 squad sporting their own JL Velo white-based uniform with team signature green highlights.

The team kicks off the season with a pre-season criterium race in Ontario, CA Jan 13th and then a five-day training camp in Palm Desert Jan 17th-21st.  From there the Team will campaign at all Southern California USA Cycling road National Championship events, select NCC and NRC events including Redlands Classic, MERCO Cycling Classic, Sea Otter Classic, Tour of America’s Dairylands, Valley of the Sun Stage Race, Cascade Cycling classic and other select multi-day stage races.

The MRI Endurance P/B Monster Media race team is owned and operated by MMR Sports Group, LLC. MMR Sports Group, LLC is located in southern California and is jointly owned by Chris DeMarchi and Derric Swinfard. The team has evolved since its inception in 2011 as a Pro 1,2 team only. The focus has been to help grow the sport of cycling by creating an all-encompassing program where young riders can begin their careers, evolve, and ride throughout their later years. Future endeavors for MMR Sports Group include the development of an Elite Men’s and Women’s race team.


For team inquiries please contact Chris DeMarchi at cdsport1@gmail.com


ELITE Masters


Rider/Co-Owner/Team Director Chris DeMarchi

Rider/Co-Owner Derric Swinfard

Rider/ Sponsorship coordinator Karl Bordine

Rider/Sponsorship coordinator Elan Walshe

Rider/ Administrative Chief Philip Tinstman

James Paolinetti

Randall Coxworth

Kayle LeoGrande

John Abate

Lance Coburn

Gil Correa

Danny Kam

Tomo Hamasaki

Tony Restuccia

Gary Douville

Brian Cook

Chris McDonald

James Gunn Wilkerson

Shane Lawlor

Ryan Arnold

Michael Johnson

Danny Munson

Larry Shannon

Charles Hogan

Jeff Beaumont

ELITE Juniors


Manager: Tim Ferreira

Justin Oien

Eric Oien

Seth Veenbaas

Anthony Fitch

Nathan Rico