Incycle-Predator Components Pro Cycling Team goes Continental in 2014


Incycle-Predator Components Pro Cycling Team goes Continental in 2014

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Team Predator wins at Dairyland


Team Predator Carbon Repair and last years MRI U23 team are merging for the 2014 season, creating the Incycle-Predator Components Pro Cycling team. We are honored and excited for the opportunity to step up to the UCI level this coming season. Both squads had incredible success in 2013. These combined achievements include overall victories at Tour de Quebec, Tour of America’s Dairyland and Sea Otter Classic, as well as the Prestigious KOM at  Philadelphia Cycling Classic. Last season they also had over 20 individual victories. Team Director Emile Abraham will once again lead us through the season. His experience, discipline, and work ethic proved to be invaluable in 2013. We feel privileged to have him return.


The team will focus on the NRC, NCC, USA Crits, and select UCI races in South and Central America, Asia, and the Caribbean. Having a full 16 man squad will allow us the flexibility to race multiple races on the same day and will give us the depth to race the riders that are on their best form.

Other than our title sponsors, Incycle Bicycles and Predator Components, the team is being generously supported by Cannondale bikes, Albabici distributors, Sugoi cycling clothing, Smith Optics , Ursus Wheels, SMP saddles, Sci Con bags, Limar Helmets, Saucebox casual clothing, Font Insurance Puerto Rico, Hyundai San Sebastian Puerto Rico and Cargo Risk Management (CRM) Puerto Rico. We would like thank them all.



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Team Predator dominates at Winston Salem Classic


In order to nurture tomorrows talent, a  junior development team will ride under the Incycle-Predator Components umbrella, while a Cat 1-2 team will be helping to mentor these juniors as they compete primarily in the Southwest.

This development team is affiliated with Southern California Velo, a Los Angeles based amateur sports club. Southern California Velo is a well-established USAC club. They have prioritized their Junior Cycling Program in an effort to develop the youth of tomorrow. Consistently providing a strong support structure for boys and girls ages 10-18.

Southern California Velo is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization.



SC Velo junior development team



(Riders with ** are U23)

  • Emile Abraham
  • Jacob Arnold**
  • Calixto Manuel Bello
  • Andres Diaz
  • Samuel Hunter Grove**
  • Orlando Garibay**
  • Diego Sandoval**
  • Tyler Schwartz**
  • Euris Vidal
  • Franco Font
  • Stephen Hall
  • Sergio Hernandez
  • Rudolph Napolitano
  • Michael Olheiser
  • Christian Leandro Tamayo Saavedra**
  • Jonah Tannos**


Category 1, 2 Elite Team

  • Ricardo Escuela
  • Eder Frayre Moctezuma
  • Alessandro Matteucci
  • Brody Hartley
  • Julio Mellinedo
  • Micah Cloteaux
  • Tim McGee
  • Joshua Ruiz
  • Anthony Fitch
  • Nathan Seaford




Brentwood Grand Prix: Not Like Last Year!


Brentwood Grand Prix: Not Like Last Year!

by Cody O’Reilly (Predator Carbon Repair)

If you remember back three hundred sixty-five or so days, it was Brentwood 2012. That day had started out much differently compared to this year’s event. Last year, I was nearly late and by the good grace of a call up got the ball rolling for a great race. Today was much different. I came down early to watch some UCSB athletes in the 4’s and 3’s fields before getting ready for my own race. When you are not stressed out before racing it is pretty nice, but arriving early made for a much different event this time around.

Comparing last year’s and this year’s grand prix shows a lot of differences. For myself, I went from being stressed pre-race to possibly more calm than I should be. Then there were the racing conditions: from hot with little wind in 2012 to a cool ocean breeze this year. Finally, how the race was actually raced. In last year’s edition, no single racer held back or played team tactics, resulting in what I thought of as one of the greatest races all year, everyone racing all out. This year was an altogether different race.

From the start, there was the feeling that team tactics would play the biggest role in determining the final outcome. Showing up with four Predator Carbon Repair teammates meant I would not be alone in the race, unlike the previous year. This changed my own role in the race and would lead to me being a significant piece in the controlling nature as the race played out. Along with Sergio Hernandez and Julio Mollinedo, we needed to make sure we weren’t outnumbered or misrepresented in moves going up the road. All of us contributing allowed Ricky Escuela to keep his eyes and legs on only a few dangerous riders and limit his efforts. As I mentioned earlier, the race was being controlled by the stronger teams. As the race kept going, each team was hesitant to go away with too large a group or too many riders from any one other team. Other than a couple of dangerous moves with the correct combination of riders, nothing at the front end was managing to stick.

Throughout the closing laps I became more aware that the main role I needed to play for the team was in keeping the race together in a group so that Ricky would be able to sprint for the win. With a lap and a half, one of the MRI kids took off hard and I knew I was in position to haul him back for the last lap to set up a group sprint. The only thing I didn’t know was if Sergio would still have the legs to help Ricky finish off the race. Luckily for the team, Sergio and Ricky were able to pull off a great final lap for Predator Carbon Repair by throwing their arms sky high for everyone to see. And as we all rolled around I was back to feeling mellow like before the event started, only this time it was from exhaustion and a relief that Ricky had managed to hold off a pack of hounds.

This time next year we should have another comparison to make. And just as 2012 and 2013 have ended, hopefully the comparison will end in victory, either riding solo or with team Predator Carbon Repair.


Winston Salem Cycling Classic

Winston Salem Cycling Classic

Winston Salem Cycling Classic

by Emile Abraham (Predator Carbon Repair)

After Charlotte, this was the second-biggest one-day accomplishment for the team this year. We were very optimistic about the team being able to win at this race as one of the strongest squads to enter. This is a first-year event with a lot of potential. Universal Sports covering the event just made it that much more promising.

As the start drew near and the crowds began to gather, the sun started to set, making it a bit cooler than the scorching 91-degree high recorded earlier that day. We had our team meeting before the start, knowing that we were outnumbered by Smartstop/Mountain Khakis, but we were still confident that we could pull it off. Ricky Escuela and I were introduced to the crowd and we had a great response from the enthusiastic crowd awaiting the battle of the teams.

From the gun Smartstop launched attack after attack and we tried covering as much as we could, but we knew that we had to be smart about our efforts. By halfway through the race we were down to just four riders as Aurelien (Frenchy) was suffering with an illness that he was fighting for a couple days prior and Gevan (mini Trini) had a mechanical, putting both of them out the race. Nothing (breakaways) would stick and the laps were counting down. As we got around the 15-laps-to-go mark, Smartstop began gathering at the front for a train to the finish and I thought it was a bit early but it would work perfectly for us as we had two of the fastest riders out there.

Winston Salem Cycling Classic

Winston Salem Cycling Classic

We got together quickly behind them and just played the waiting game with the plan being to take over with two to go. At three laps remaining, Smartstop was going too slowly and losing riders quickly and we had to take over a bit earlier. However, Dion single handedly pulled the next 2 ½ laps stringing the field out single-file and dropping us off with Sergio taking us the last half lap into the sprint. At this point we were just about 4 or 5 (Ricky, me, Sergio, and couple others) as we hit the technical point of the course within the last 400 meters. Ricky took off and I gapped him off to ensure a victory only to realize that there was a huge gap behind us. I then jumped by Serge going into the second to last turn securing the second place spot only to see Serge holding off for the third place sweeping the podium in front of the raging crowd that saw a spectacular performance by Team Predator Carbon repair.

It was the happiest I’ve been all year. As team director, I felt VERY proud of the team’s accomplishment in this prestigious event, making our sponsors happy with the visibility we provided. I wish the promoters all the success in the future.


Philly Cycling Classic: So Close to the Podium

Philly Cycling Classic: So Close to the Podium

Philly Cycling Classic: So Close to the Podium

by Aurelian Passeron (Predator Carbon Repair)

I was very motivated for the Parx Casino Philly Cycling Classic as soon as I saw the crowd lining up at the start. Thousands of people were there to see the race and the ambiance was very good. I felt–with that excitement–that I could win the race. My strategy was to save the energy in my legs, but by the fourth lap I was in a not very good position riding into the infamous ¨Manayunk Wall.¨ The race was split in half, but I was in the wrong half. My chase began with some others, but always with a small group. The chase was not so organized, but I made connection with Phil Gaimon (Bissell). I spent a lot of energy with this chase, but I was still focused and motivated to try for the win.

At that point, my teammate, Kirk Carlsen, was riding in the break, so I focused on recovering and conserving. United Healthcare took control of the race because they missed the breakaway. On the 8th lap of the race, the break started to fall apart. Kirk was outnumbered and under a lot of attacks.  With him in our sights, Predator Carbon Repair was ready for the offensive!

In the last feed zone riding into the final lap, my teammate and I shared one bottle of water.  The speed was so fast it was imposable to grab the bottles, so we had to share what water we could grab. The day was so hot it was not possible to have enough water.  It was like hell. I continued to ride at the front and with one lap to go I followed Paco Mancebo.  Almost cramping, I stayed with him to the top of Manayunk Wall. On the last lap only 20 cyclist remained at the front from the 200 starters. I was very dehydrated, but still hungry for the win, and the last time up the wall to the finish was like a dream with so many people screaming. I would not quite tell where the line was. With the finish and the win so close, I crossed the finish in 4th place. Coming from 20 back, my effort was maybe too much and I died going for the finish.  With a little more patience or better positioning…  My lights turned off after the finish and I fell to the ground. I had nothing left.

I’m very happy with my result, even though I was so close to the win. I know I will be back next year to try for the win. It was also very good day for the team, with Dion Smith winning the KOM  and 3 riders in the top 15.   “Vive la Predator!”

Interview: Dion Smith (Predator)Philly Cycling Classic

Interview: Dion Smith (Predator)Philly Cycling Classic

Interview: Dion Smith (Predator)Philly Cycling Classic

20-year-old New Zealander Dion Smith (Predator Carbon Repair) defined breakout success in the inaugural Philly Cycling Classic.  Despite his being a relatively fresh face on the elite racing scene, Smith captured the KOM title and fought his way over the Manayunk Wall for a top ten finish in the race.  Smith gave Cycling Illustrated a few minutes of his time to talk about his results, his future, and racing in the US.

Cycling Illustrated:  How was it being a part of the first edition of this race?

Dion Smith: Philly was an awesome experience.  It was my first time and I heard from people that had done it that it would be great.  There were thousands of people.  I managed to get in a break on the first lap with three others.

CI: What were your goals going into it?

DS: It was a goal for us to get into the breakaway and we did that when I made it off the front with three others. I made sure to cross the line first on the KOM’s and get points.  We were away for the first four or five laps.  I had enough points to secure the KOM, so all I had to do was finish the race.  I recovered enough and, going into the final lap we were all together and I managed to grab onto sixth place at the end.

CI: Predator seems to be one of those amateur teams that comes up every now and again and fields some great riders.  What’s it like for you to race as an amateur and be competing with the pros?

DS: I joined Predator about a week before Philly and did some NCC crits.  Being an amateur, I still have to go out and race hard.  If you have other strong guys and you work well as a team, you can race against the likes of teams like United Health Care.  If you’re aggressive and don’t hold back, you can get some results.  Obviously, you don’t be stupid.

CI: So, you feel like the onus is really on you as an amateur to be aggressive and animate races?

DS: Yeah. We don’t really have a set guy to work for on the team, so you have a certain amount of freedom.  If someone gets in the break, then you’re working for him.  It’s cool.

CI: What’s up the road for you?

DS: The program looks really good.  We’ll be doing the Air Force Cycling Classic in Arlington, VA.  The big goal is going to be Tour of America’s Dairyland.  We’ll also be going to Vancouver for BC Superweek and then onto the Cascade Cycling Classic.

CI: Which races look good for you?  What suits your strengths?

DS: I think Cascade will suit me because I have a bit of climbing and it’s a stage race.  Dairyland is mostly crits, but I think I am mostly suited to the stage races.

CI: As a New Zealander, how have you liked racing in the US?  Do you plan to stick around?

DS: I’ve loved racing in America so far.  It’s been an awesome experience.  I’m looking forward to developing more and taking the next step. In my career.  I’ve got a six month visa, but if I can get that extended I would love to stay and race as long as there are races to do.  Racing here is totally different than it is at home.  There’s a lot more competition here because there’s so many people.  It’s still good racing there, but it’s a lot harder here.  Europe would be the next step, but America is a good place for me at the moment.  If the opportunity arises, I’d definitely think about  going to Europe.  I’m very happy to finish this season in America though.


Break a Record…and Still Not Win! by Kirk Carlsen (Predator Carbon Repair)


Break a Record...and Still Not Win! by Kirk Carlsen (Predator Carbon Repair)

Break a Record…and Still Not Win! by Kirk Carlsen (Predator Carbon Repair)

Break a Record…and Still Not Win!

by Kirk Carlsen (Predator Carbon Repair)


This was my first experience racing Mount Hamilton. I was excited to ride on some new roads and check out some new scenery. I was happy there was a climb in the race, but obviously, I wish it had finished on it, rather than started on it!


From what I’d heard, the descent coming off Hamilton was very sketchy. My plan was to take this descent solo, and let the other riders catch me on the other side.  If only I could get away on the mountain, which the course starts on. I did not want to risk crashing while trying to keep up with riders on the descent and jeopardize the remainder of my season.


The morning of the race it turned out to be raining, which made me fear the descent even more. As the race started, people were motivated to keep a high tempo. The climb is long, but not very steep until 3 miles to the top. The wet roads made most of the uphill corners dangerous. After about half way, Adrien, the young junior racer who is a great climber, hit out pretty hard and got a gap. He did not get very far, though. Towards the last five kilometers, he tried again to make the race hard on the steeper sections of the climb. I knew the only way for me to get away is to attack when everyone else was tired. Just after Adrien could no longer hold his pace, I attacked. Sam Bassetti was the only rider able to respond. He did a great job being able to hold the wheel, but soon after, I found myself alone, riding a good tempo. I knew at this point I would at least win the KOM prize.


At the top of the climb, it was dry! I took the descent very mellow. At the bottom, three riders joined me: Sam, Adrien, and Shawn Rosenthal. This happened to be a great mix. They all worked great together. In a lot of these local races, negative racing can really impact the outcome of the race. Soon after we hit some of the rollers on the run in towards Livermore, Sam was not able to hold the pace that Adrien was setting on the climbs. I knew we had a long way to go, so I would pull though to try to keep the group together.


Shawn was our weaker link in the rotation on the climbs. But, he did not hesitate to pull through on the flatter sections. He is a great person, so I was happy to keep a steady pace on the climbs knowing we could use more horsepower on the flatter sections.


With about ten miles to go, Justin Rossi and Art Rand made the junction to us. That had to have been one hard effort to bridge to us, so I knew they were a bit “toasted.” Adrien seemed to not like this mix of riders, and immediately started attacking. I tried my best to keep the group motivated to roll through, because I knew there was still a chance we could get caught before the finish.


There was a headwind, and with ten miles to go there was no way I wanted to try to solo the rest of the way to the finish. Keeping the group riding together was the only way I thought we would stay away to the finish without having any time splits given to us. From there, it was basically just cat and mouse with nothing staying away.


Coming into the finish, I made the mistake of attacking very early. Shawn was able to just get into my draft. Not knowing the finish, we took a right hand sweeper into a finish climb. Shawn was able to come around me to take top honors. I was happy for him because he is a super positive person and is always looking to help out his team, Mike’s Bikes.


So, although I lost, I was happy to be beat by him. The consolation prize was breaking the hill climb record on Mount Hamilton.
Next time!!


Belmont Classic Criterium by Jean Michel Lachance (Predator Cycling)

Belmont Classic Criterium

Belmont Classic Criterium

Belmont Classic Criterium

by Jean Michel Lachance (Predator Cycling)


Spartanburg, South Carolina. It’s 11am.  I wake up in time for a delicious breakfast  with our hosts, Stewart and Crystal, who also had a late morning after yesterday’s Spartanburg regional classic.


We finally head to Belmont, North Carolina, a suburb of Charlotte, for stop 6 of USA Crits Speedweek. A new venue on the circuit, the first impression we have when we arrive is, hey, this is going to brea ! The course is a 6-turn, 1km circuit with a 350m steady ascent and the finish line located halfway up that.  With 75 laps totaling 50 miles (80km), it promised to be a race of attrition.

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I Attacked (Sea Otter Classic) by Kirk Carlsen Jr.

Sea Otter Classic by Kirk Carlsen

Sea Otter Classic
by Kirk Carlsen

Sea Otter Classic

by Kirk Carlsen(Predator Carbon Fiber Repair)


My first experience with the Sea Otter Classic was in 2006 when it was just the grueling circuit race. I was racing for Team Rubicon then, and I had no idea what to expect. The team van rolled up to the airport, and off I went. Although I was dropped pretty quickly, I told myself one day I would come back and win. At that point of my career I was a bit more of a sprinter, believe it or not.

This year, I knew I had a good opportunity to ride a good general classification and maybe win a stage if everything worked out. The toughest part of the race was the tactical aspect. Being without any teammates makes my strategy very complicated. The first things you try to figure out are: who are the teams working for?  Who are their “protected riders?”  And who has good form?

If I could follow the protected riders, then, hopefully, I wouldn’t lose time on any stages, and ultimately could do a good time trial. If I got the yellow jersey though, I knew it would be tough to hold onto it on the last stage without any teammates. [Read more…]

Sunset Loop by Kirk Carlsen (Predator Cycling Carbon Repair)



Sunset Loop

by Kirk Carlsen (Predator Cycling Carbon Repair)

The race started, and as usual, the first three laps of Sunset were very hectic. When you have that big of a field, and this type of course, it is inevitable that there will be crashes and hang ups right from the start. Everyone wants to be in the front before the climb, the sprinters want to sandbag the climb, the climbers don’t want to miss the move, and everyone in between just wants to stay up in the front group. It’s a race where you want to definitely want to keep your elbows out!
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Predator Cycling-Press Release


Freddie Rodriguez joins Predator Carbon Repair for Redlands

Freddie Rodriguez joins Predator Carbon Repair for Redlands

We are pleased to announce that three-time National Champion, Olympian, and multiple Grand Tour stage winner Freddie Rodriguez will be joining Predator Carbon Repair at the 2013 Redlands Classic in an effort to raise awareness for his Fast Freddie Foundation. Redlands Classic is a race that inspired Freddie at the age of 13 and is the perfect venue to promote his inaugural “Fast Freddie Gran Fondo” charity ride to help raise funds for the Fast Freddie Foundation.

“Fast Freddie Foundations mission is to inspire and provide youth with the tools to achieve personal successes by utilizing life skills learned through cycling. We encourage a commitment to education and a healthy lifestyle through physical activity.”
At this years event, the Predator Carbon Repair Elite team will be racing in custom Fast Freddie Cycling Apparel, “a brand that is dedicated to designing and producing the finest handmade cycling apparel in the USA.”

Along with Freddie, we’ve assembled a solid squad that will surely help to animate the race. Please come out and support this amazing event. Our roster for Redlands: [Read more…]