Through the Eyes of a (Buzzed) Spectator

By: Christina Barton


Arriving to the race on the last day of Tulsa Tough was a lot less crazy than I had
anticipated. After hearing about this race for years, I almost felt like we showed up on the wrong
day. The shuttle dropped us off about a half mile from the race and we followed a very normal
crowd of people to the start/finish. Everything seemed pretty calm. It was like any other race I
had been to. I actually felt a little out of place with my crop top and beer in hand, that is until I
turned the corner onto Cry Baby Hill.
Watching the riders race through the massive crowd is probably how Moses felt when he
parted the Red Sea, except this was actually real. As we continued to walk up the hill, the party
got louder and crazier with every step. It was what I imagine the Tour De France being like, only
with more beer and grown men wearing diapers. We reached the center of the madness and I
almost could not handle it. The sun was beating down on us and my luke warm beer was not
keeping me as hydrated as I had hoped. So, what is a girl who is sweating on her upper lip
suppose to do when she thinks she might die from a heat stroke? Dance, of course. When the
riders were not present, the middle of the street was more hoppin’ than the gay club my friend
and I accidentally ended up at the night previous. Although, I did get more free beer at the gay
club. As the riders rounded the corner, referees wearing wigs and kilts would shove everyone to
the side. This was my least favorite part because, being short, I almost alway ended up in a
guy’s sweaty armpit.
Off into the distance up the hill I could see my haven. The KHS tent looked so cool and
inviting. I was almost worried it was a mirage. We headed in the direction of the tent shoving red
blow horns and baby dolls on sticks out of our way. I immediately collapsed in a folding chair.
Paul Abrahams, director of KHS/Maxxis/JLVelo, asked me why I was sweating so much and
handed me a cold beer (Thanks Paul.) We decided to head back down to the party. This was
when the torrential downpour started. We were soaked head to toe and I was so happy.
My friend and I traveled back and forth between the tent and the party throughout the
whole race. After a few beers, I really didn’t know what was going on in the actual race, but you
better believe I was the loudest cheerleader on the course.River-Parks-Criterium-39
When the race was over, I was happy to hear Fabrizio Von Nacher of
KHS/Maxxis/JLVelo got 3rd place for the stage and 2nd overall. I waited around with the team
afterward and acted as a security guard when drunk blue haired men wearing shower curtains
as togas would come over and fondle the riders. And how else would we end such an amazing
race day other than to eat barbeque and dance until 2am at SoundPony. Tulsa Tough you have
outdone yourself and I will definitely be there next year, but with more beer, less clothes.

Race Recap: Saint Francis Tulsa Tough (Women’s P12)

Words by Marissa Axell (Metromint Cycling pb The Freewheel)
6/11/15 – Travel to Tulsa, OK Axell4
After a 4am wake up call, and two short flights on Southwest Airlines, my husband Anthony and I arrived in Tulsa, OK with our bikes in tow. This was the first travel for my new steed, and I admit to a bit of separation anxiety until we were reunited. We arrived at our amazing host’s house in the Maple Park district, near downtown Tulsa.
 One of the reasons I love Tulsa Tough is the close proximity of each race, logistics are a breeze. I look forward to settle in with our host housing, and ride my bike along one of the dozens of miles of bike paths around Tulsa. The midlands bike paths take you within a few blocks of each of the three criterium race sites. After reassembling my bike (nary a scratch on her), we take off for an hour spin to clear out the travel cobwebs. We trace the bike paths toward the Arkansas river, stopping first for some extra air in our tires at Lee’s Bicycles before back tracking down and across the 21st street bridge to follow the Midland pathways south toward Turkey Mountain Urban Park. The air is so humid, we are practically swimming in sweat. It’s warm and lovely afternoon without another person on the paths.
 6/12/15 – Blue Dome Criterium
The next day, we head out for an early morning spin, this time ready to shake out any nerves and warm up ahead of the Friday afternoon race. The rest of the day was spent on the porch or in the air conditioning, relaxing and focusing on the Blue Dome Criterium, race time 7:55pm. The entire town of Tulsa begins to show up with friends and brews, and line the course to cheer. With the multitudes of bars in the area, everyone is loud and having fun, with minimal impact between crowd and racers, thanks to the AMAZING volunteers working their stations along the course on Friday evening. After a minimal “warm up” (are you kidding, it’s 90degrees and 100% humidity – who needs to warm up?) we toe the line and get going. The speeds were very fast, the course is extremely technical figure 8 with a very mild hill in the middle, making for some leg burning uphill and eyeball screaming downhills. I managed to muscle into the first real breakaway of the day, but after we were caught I focused on staying as forward as possible. Unfortunately a few very late crashes occurred, but I stayed clear and went on to sprint in for 16th of 72 starters, a great result for me at this National Criterium Calendar (NCC) race.
After a slow cool down lap, I found Anthony and celebrated my finish with some hugs and high fives with our host family before rolling slowly back home via bike pathways.
6/13/15 – Brady Arts District Criterium
Saturday morning, we woke to steamy weather again, and after a short spin, we got dressed and visited Tulsa’s Woody Guthrie Museum, home to Guthrie’s instruments, recordings, manuscripts, journals, and photos of Woody Guthrie, who got his “this land is your land, this land is my land” start in Oklahoma. This is a solid museum and a nice way to gain some culture at your bike race (just $8 and almost worth it for the air conditioning alone)! Race time at 6:50pm, temps hovering around 90-95 with 100% humidity again. The course features a longer incline, traversing directly of the famous SoundPony bar and Cains Ballroom, both are Tulsa institutions, and worth a visit.
The racing was extremely fast, with many racers shelled  within the first lap. Occasionally, when my legs were screaming, I would deign to look at our speed (going up hill), and think ralize “OH, 25mph, that’s why it hurts!” Towards the top of the hill, nearest Soundpony, saw crowds 6-10 people deep on either side of the road, all shouting and ringing cowbells or vuvuzelas, nearly sounding like “crybaby hill” of River Parks Crit fame. As the laps wore on during the hour long crit, the primes were hotly contested, and everyone tried to move up and into a better position for the finish. With 15 minutes to go, the blackish purple clouds were descending upon us very fast, sending gales of wind into the peloton, skittering some of us sideways with abandon. I hoped the clouds would hold back their rain until we were done! Within 10 minutes after the finish, the heavens opened up and sheets of rain dumped down, sending the men’s field for cover as they would have to wait 30 minutes for their rain delay. On the ride back home, we witness a spectacular array of rainbows and sunsets, like straight out of “the Wizard of Oz!”
6/14/15 – Cry Baby Hill aka The River Parks Criterium
Sunday weather fared no better than Saturday. By the time 3pm rolled around, several rain bands had passed over the course, but the roads were mostly dry. In my four year career at Tulsa Tough, I’ve never lasted more than 4 or 6 laps of this very tough crit course. I planned to ride each lap as if it were my last and give it my all.
We take off up the first part of the hill, make the right turn onto “Cry Baby Hill” and into the loudest and deepest wall of noise, it nearly takes your breath away. The feeling is indescribable, only to say there is no. other. race. like it (in the US anyway). With the peloton down the hill and around to the straightaway again, and I’m still with the peloton! In fact, 5 laps later, I’m still with the peloton when about 10 women went down like dominoes just in front of me, and to the pit we go. We get our free lap, and we’re back into the race. Soon, I heard the “worlds largest crowd prime” announced, and we are racing for $2,500! Another cool Tulsa tidbit: this prime was collected by the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Divas, a group of ultra tough Tulsa cyclists who band together to get more women on bikes! These fantastic women comb the crowds for the prior two days to put together the largest “crowd prime” of all time. The speed of that lap was my fastest lap of the day, and the CBH crowds were even louder; the drum beats thumping, the bands playing, the beer and water everywhere, and what crazy fun to watch a Colombian racer win that prime!
Not 10 minutes later, again, the heavens dumped hail/rain and torrential wind upon the peloton and the race was stopped for 30 minutes. Loud booming thunder and scary snakes of lightening all around us as we sought “cover.” After 30 minutes, and completely cooling down, we were once again on the start line, and off for the final 10 laps. Unfortunately 30 minutes was too much for my legs, they quit pushing me up that hill, and my day was done 3 laps later. Gut crushing efforts up and into that roaring crowd every lap is the stuff memories are made of. After being pulled from the race, it’s almost required to head up to the hill one more time, to say thank you to the crowd, hand out high fives, and take a cheap and cold beer hand up. This is the stuff Tulsa Tough is made of. After 3 races, I landed in 28th in the Omnium (of 72 starters), and created lasting memories of another epic Cry Baby Hill.  Until next year, Tulsa!
Marissa Axell is a Personal Trainer and Endurance Athletics Coach.
She lives in Oakland, CA.

Schneider and Holloway Steal The Show In The Brady District



Bulls Eye Baby!

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 8.19.32 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 8.20.20 PM


Over All GC:

PL   NO    CATEGORY    LICENSE  NAME              TEAM                 PTS  BON  PEN  TOT

 1    6      CAT1      181725   HOLLOWAY, Daniel  Altovelo-SeaSucker   62    0    0   62  

 2   116     PRO       290219   BRYON, Miguel     UCI CT: Hincapie Rac 54    0    0   54  

 3   57      CAT4      394218   VON NACHER, FabrizKHS-Maxxis-JLVelo    38    0    0   38  

 4   109     CAT1      110309   WADDELL, Jason    Tulsa Wheelmen       37    0    0   37  

 5   107     CAT1      141654   CAGLE, Chad       Tulsa Wheelmen       36    0    0   36  

 6    7      CAT4      309409   ILLESIC, Aldo     Altovelo-SeaSucker   34    0    0   34  

 7   35      CAT1      323876   SHEEHAN, Michael  Elbowz Racing        33    0    0   33  

 8   123   UNKNOWN   DOM19870730MERAN, Rafel            CRCA/Foundation      32    0    0   32  

 9   52      PRO       224173   WILLIAMS, Cory    Incycle-Cannondale P 29    0    0   29  

10   100   UNKNOWN    INTL-FRA  BENHAMOUDA, Mehdi Team Novo Nordisk De 24    0    0   24  

11   115     PRO       201456   HOWE, Isaac       UCI CT: Champion Sys 23    0    0   23  

12   15      CAT1      116625   BAHATI, Rahsaan   Bahati-WTR           22    0    0   22  

13   86    UNKNOWN    INTL-GTM  PADILLA, Julio    Team Arapahoe Resour 20    0    0   20  

14   99      CAT1      193086   RENKEMA, Ben      Team Finish Strong E 20    0    0   20  

15   10      PRO       193035   FEEHERY, Brandon  Astellas Cycling     20    0    0   20  

16   96      CAT2      298437   TANKERSLEY, Nolan Team Finish Strong E 19    0    0   19  

17   114   UNKNOWN    INTL-COL  GOMEZ, Bryan      UCI CT: Champion Sys 17    0    0   17  

18   74      CAT5      437909   AGUILAR, Hector   Stradalli-Safetti    16    0    0   16  

19   54      CAT1      185877   BARTON, Chris     KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo    16    0    0   16  

20   43      CAT1      178970   STEPHENS, Mat     Elevate Cycling Team 15    0    0   15  

21   27      CAT3      219225   HARTIG, Evan      Credité Velo – Trek 15    0    0   15  

22   122     CAT1      224589   BARRETT, Colton   Texas Roadhouse Cycl 13    0    0   13  

23   87      CAT3      272809   RANDALL, Ricky    Team Arapahoe Resour 12    0    0   12  

24   48      CAT1      233364   WARDEIN, Lucas    Fort Lewis College   10    0    0   10  

25   23      CAT1      188572   DAHLHEIM, Andrew  Canyon Bicycles – Sh  8    0    0    8  

26   118     PRO       243416   BRENNAN, Mac      UCI CT: Hincapie Rac  7    0    0    7  

27   38      CAT1      211435   ALLISON, Zack     Elevate Cycling Team  6    0    0    6  

28   21      CAT1      372580   NEAGOS, Brad      BISSELL-ABG-GIANT     6    0    0    6  

29   44      CAT1      358709   POSTIER, Dylan    Evoke Racing          6    0    0    6  

30   12      PRO       185493   OLEJNICZAK, Peter Astellas Cycling      5    0    0    5  

31   26      CAT2      291573   BUNTZ, Andrew     Credité Velo – Trek  4    0    0    4  

32   20      CAT1      221190   LEIBOVITZ, Adam   BISSELL-ABG-GIANT     4    0    0    4  

33   22      CAT1      200484   BENNY, Swedberg   Canyon Bicycles – Sh  3    0    0    3  

34   120   UNKNOWN    INTL-MEX  CLARK, Devin      Giant Bicycles Grass  2    0    0    2  

35   18      CAT1      271372   CHALMERS, Josiah  BISSELL-ABG-GIANT     2    0    0    2  

36   28      CAT3      371826   SAVRE, Tim        Credité Velo – Trek  0    0    0    0  

37   91      CAT1      187271   LAMON, Miles      Team Clif Bar Cyclin  0    0    0    0  

38   37      CAT1      338708   STRICKLAND, Colin Elbowz Racing         0    0    0    0  

39   111   UNKNOWN    INTL-ARG  ALEMAN, Demis     UCI CT: Champion Sys  0    0    0    0  

40   53    UNKNOWN     ONE DAY  ALFREDO, Ulises   KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo     0    0    0    0  

41    4      CAT1       58428   ALEDIA, Marco     Altovelo-SeaSucker    0    0    0    0  

42    5      CAT1      126996   HARTLEY, Chad     Altovelo-SeaSucker    0    0    0    0  

43   17      CAT1      258966   BEEBE, Aaron      BISSELL-ABG-GIANT     0    0    0    0  

44   72      CAT1      177637   REARDON, Andrew   Sonic Cycling         0    0    0    0  

45   103   UNKNOWN    INTL-FRA  VALOGNES, Quentin Team Novo Nordisk De  0    0    0    0  

46   131   UNKNOWN              RODRIGUEZ, Jose                         0    0    0    0  

47   33      CAT3      342402   GIRKINS, Kevin    Elbowz Racing         0    0    0    0  

48   68      CAT4      247652   ERHARD, Grant     SBR Quantum Racing    0    0    0    0  

49   85    UNKNOWN    INTL-GTM  PADILLA, AlejandroTeam Arapahoe Resour  0    0    0    0  

50   39      CAT1      259780   BEAMS, Nathaniel  Elevate Cycling Team  0    0    0    0  

51   32      CAT1      331782   BACA, Gabriel     Elbowz Racing         0    0    0    0  

52   82      CAT1      117896   WIKOFF, Philip    Super Squadra         0    0    0    0  

53   95      CAT1      306291   MITCHELL, Johnny  Team Finish Strong E  0    0    0    0  

54    9      CAT1      117328   POWERS, Jeremy    Aspire Racing         0    0    0    0  

55    2      CAT1      208086   FALCON, Yosvany                         0    0    0    0  

56    1      CAT2      280257   BYRGE-LIEBIG, Leif                      0    0    0    0  

57   90      CAT1      243003   DE JONG, Menso    Team Clif Bar Cyclin  0    0    0    0  

58   47      CAT3      301772   BOOTH, Hank       Finish Strong Elite   0    0    0    0  

59   126   UNKNOWN    INTL-MEX  SAENZ, Valentin                         0    0    0    0  

60   77      CAT3      313408   MORFIN, Sebastian Stradalli-Safetti     0    0    0    0  

61   92      CAT1      294725   MORRIS, Paul      Team Clif Bar Cyclin  0    0    0    0  

62   117     PRO       197714   SCHMALZ, Joseph   UCI CT: Hincapie Rac  0    0    0    0  

63   105     CAT1      145867   ANKNEY, Mathew    Tulsa Wheelmen        0    0    0    0  

64   81      CAT2      254929   PINCUS, Michael   Super Squadra         0    0    0    0  

65   40    UNKNOWN    INTL-MEX  COVARRUBIAS, AlberElevate Cycling Team  0    0    0    0  

66   101   UNKNOWN    INTL-ESP  DACAL, Brais      Team Novo Nordisk De  0    0    0    0  

67   66      CAT3      282337   FIRLE, Brian      Primal-Audi Denver    0    0    0    0  

68   55      CAT3      261831   FLORES, Efren     KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo     0    0    0    0  

69   79      CAT3      227547   CARROLL, Devin    Super Squadra         0    0    0    0  

70   113   UNKNOWN    INTL-AUS  CALABRIA, Fabio   UCI CT: Champion Sys  0    0    0    0  

71   89      CAT2      192686   ANTON, Blake      Team Clif Bar Cyclin  0    0    0    0  



Can I get a “Hell Yah”?

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 8.21.21 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 8.21.31 PM

Allar and Holloway Victorious in Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Opener.

McNellie’s Group Blue Dome Criterium

Allar and Holloway Victorious in Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Opener.


Womens’ P12

Blue Dome-3

Runner-up in the 2014 edition of the McNellie’s Group Blue Dome Criterium, Erica Allar takes the win after a crash-marred final two laps sees Tina Pic (Pepper Palace p/b Happy Tooth) knocked out of contention.


Ellar, following fast on the wheel of a team-mate who mistakenly opened up her lead out on the penultimate lap, easily held off Nicolle Bruderer (IS Corp pb Intelligentsia Coffee) and Christina Gokey-Smith (Pepper Palace p/b Happy Tooth) to take her 3rd victory of the season.


Men’s P1

Blue Dome-2

With 2014 winner, Ken Hanson and his powerhouse UHC team sitting out this year’s Tulsa Tough, Daniel Halloway (Alto Velo – SeaSucker), current Elite Criterium Champion and 3rd place last year, lined up as pre-race favorite.


True to form, Holloway would take the win following a very fast final two lap lead out by team-mate, Aldo Ilešič (recently of Team Voralberg). It was a very convincing win for a rider who has been a dominate force on the domestic US Crit Scene and a show of strength by his AltoVelo-SeaSucker team.




Full Image Gallery Tomorrow!

2015 Tulsa Tough Mens P1 NCC Start List



Joseph Schmalz Lawrence KS 5/28/15
Miguel Bryon Miami FL 5/29/15
Mac Brennan Greenville SC 6/02/15
Andres Alzate Escobar Tulua COL 6/06/15
Isaac Howe Winooski VT 6/06/15
Bryan Gomez Tulua COL 6/06/15
Demis Aleman Rafaela Santa Fe ARG 6/06/15
Fabio Calabria Boulder CO 6/06/15
Conor Mullervy Boulder CO 6/06/15
jay blankenship bel aire KS
Tulsa Wheelmen
Chad Cagle Tulsa OK
Tulsa Wheelmen
Jason Waddell Oklahoma City OK
Tulsa Wheelmen
mathew ankney tulsa OK
Tulsa Wheelmen
Winfield Gibson Tulsa OK 6/08/15
Colton Barrett Indianapolis IN
Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
Brais Dacal Alpharetta GA 6/04/15
Mehdi Benhamouda Alpharetta GA 6/04/15
Christopher McGovern Alpharetta GA 6/04/15
Quentin Valognes Alpharetta GA 6/04/15
Brian Kamstra Alpharetta GA 6/04/15
Matt Moosa Charlotte NC
Team Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team
Ben Renkema Greenville SC
Team Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team
Parker Kyzer Spartanburg SC
Team Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team
Johnny Mitchell Johnson city TN
Team Finish Strong Elite cycling team
Nolan Tankersley Erwin TN
Team Finish Strong Elite cycling team
Blake Anton Arroyo Grande CA
Team Clif Bar Cycling
Menso de Jong Cupertino CA
Team Clif Bar Cycling
Miles LaMon San Luis Obispo CA
Team Clif Bar Cycling
Michael Jasinski Rocklin CA
Team Clif Bar Cycling
Stephan Hoffman Soquel CA
Team Clif Bar Cycling
Team Clif Bar Cycling
Evan Bybee Oklahoma City OK 5/26/15
Ricky Randall Highland Village TX 5/26/15
Jacob White Oklahoma City OK 5/26/15
Jack Funk Topeka KS 5/26/15
Alejandro Padilla Tyler TX 5/26/15
Julio Padilla Tyler TX 5/26/15
Philip Wikoff Austin TX 6/03/15
Grant Koontz Spring TX 6/03/15
Devin Carroll Austin TX 6/03/15
Michael Pincus Pearland TX 6/03/15
Ruben Companioni hialeah fl 33012 FL 6/05/15
Sebastian Morfin Pompano Beach FL 6/05/15
Jose Frank Rodriguez Pompano Beach FL 6/05/15
Hector Aguilar Pompano Beach FL 6/05/15
Abel Quintana Pompono Beach FL 6/05/15
Andrew Reardon Franklin TN
Sonic Cycling
Grant Erhard St Louis MO
SBR Quantum Racing
Shane Feehery HOMEWOOD IL 5/28/15
Jesse Siemen St Louis MO 5/28/15
Matt Brophy St Charles MO 5/28/15
John Pratt Niles MI 5/28/15
Brian Firle Boulder CO
Primal-Audi Denver
Juan R Martinez Garland TX 6/03/15
Emmanuel Suarez Glendale CA
PAA/Empire Bikes
Tyler Locke Canyon Country CA 5/09/15
kip spaude watertown WI
Brian McCulloch yucaipa CA 5/27/15
Chris Barton Camarillo CA 5/27/15
Fabrizio Von Nacher Tustin CA 5/27/15
Shawn Wayland Simi Valley CA 5/27/15
Ulises Alfredo Tustin CA 5/27/15
Efren Flores Tustin CA 5/27/15
Samuel (Hunter) Grove pomona CA
Incycle-Cannondale Pro Cycling Team
Cory Williams LOS ANGELES CA
Incycle-Cannondale Pro Cycling Team
Efren Ortega pomona PR 5/31/15
Diego Sandoval Rosarita MEX 5/31/15
Devin Clark St. Louis MO 6/09/15
Lucas Wardein Durango CO
Fort Lewis College
Hank Booth Waxhaw NC 6/07/15
josh estes Fayetteville AR
Fayetteville Wheelmen
Luis Galaviz Springdale AR
Fayetteville Wheelmen
Dylan Postier Okahoma City OK
Evoke Racing
Zack Allison Ft. Collins CO
Elevate Cycling Team
Alberto Covarrubias Springdale AR
Elevate Cycling Team
Adam Mills San Diego CA
Elevate Cycling Team
Logan Hutchings Austin TX
Elevate Cycling Team
Mat Stephens Dallas TX
Elevate Cycling Team
Nathaniel Beams Ft. Collins CO 5/27/15
Colin Strickland Austin TX 5/15/15
Stefan Rothe Austin TX 5/15/15
Justin Stanley Midlothian TX 5/15/15
Gabriel Baca Austin TX 5/15/15
Kevin Girkins Austin TX 5/15/15
Michael Sheehan Austin TX 5/15/15
Kyle Anderson Wichita Falls TX
Dark Horse Racing
Matt Zimmer Decorah IA 6/07/15
Evan Hartig Dubuque IA 6/07/15
Ross White Holmen WI 6/01/15
Andrew Buntz Des Moines IA 6/01/15
Tim Savre Decorah IA 6/01/15
Matthew Holecko Scottsdale AZ
Carlos O’Briens Racing
Andrew Dahlheim Greenville SC
Canyon Bicycles – Shimano
Gabe Varela Coeur d’Alene ID
Canyon Bicycles – Shimano
Swedberg Benny Kent WA
Canyon Bicycles – Shimano
josiah chalmers melbourne FL 6/05/15
aaron beebe Indianapolis IN 6/03/15
Adam Leibovitz Indianapolis IN 6/03/15
brad neagos grand rapids MI 6/03/15
josh johnson indianapolis IN 6/03/15
Beau Edwards Austin TX
Bicycle Heaven / PVA
Rahsaan Bahati Los Angeles CA 6/05/15
Brandon Feehery Homewood IL
Astellas Cycling
Matt Green Lake Aurich IL
Astellas Cycling
Hogan Sills west lafayette IN 6/02/15
Justin Williams LosAngeles CA
Astellas Cycling
Peter Olejniczak Roseville MN 6/02/15
Jeremy Powers Easthampton MA 5/29/15
chad hartley fox point WI
Marco aledia worthington OH
daniel holloway morgan hill CA
mac cassin boulder CO
james stemper boulder CO
Aldo illesic glendale WI
Valentin Saenz 6/09/15
Leif Byrge-Liebig Menomonee Falls WI 5/06/15
Yosvany Falcon miami FL





Traveling from Southern California to Tulsa, Oklahoma is an event in and of itself, never-mind spending a weekend among thousands of enthusiastic, and somewhat intoxicated, ok, heavily intoxicated cycling fanatics!  It was a weekend to be remembered and that is an understatement.


All images contained within the pages of CI may not be used for ANY purposes what so ever without the written permission of CI and the photographer and are protected under copyright law. Enjoy ©Danny Munson