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  1. Ken Gallardo says

    I have some pictures from the Pro Men’s criterium at Tour of the Gila and was wondering how to submit them to see if you’d like to publish them. Please let me know. I also have a few podium pictures from the final day.

  2. says

    How can I go about purchasing a copy of a picture you guys have from the Pro race at Gila. One of our riders off the front in the crit.

    Canyon Bicycles Racing Team

  3. paul snider says

    I have some photographs from the Dana Point Crit that I’d like to get to you. What is your policy/guidlines for submissions?
    Thanks. Love the website.

    Paul Snider

  4. Brandon Allen says

    Just FYI. On your teams section you have Katusha as a Pro Conti team but they are Pro Tour. Just something i noticed. Love the website!

  5. says

    Cyclists Needed

    In the 1920’s Major Marshall Taylor became the first African-American sports star to win seven world cycling titles. He accomplished this feat during the height of racism in the United States. Major Taylor became an international superstar where crowds gathered to see his unbelievable prowess, while in the United States he was barred from competition against white competitors.
    We are Major Motion Cycling Team and we are a group of cyclists based in Oakland. 365 days a year we are on our bikes. 365 days, as a cycling team we ride and train regularly in the Bay Area and race throughout California and Nevada. Once a year, in September, Major Motion Cycling Team puts on the Oakland Grand Prix in downtown Oakland. This year the Oakland Grand Prix will be the final event of the Premier Series and bring hundreds to our town to compete.
    Major Motion Cycling Team is a local cycling team open to anyone interested in training, racing, or improving their lifestyle through the healthy and consistent lifestyle choices we make as a team. We as a team are reaching out to anyone that is interested in joining a cycling team but are a little intimidated by lycra, helmets, speed, and group rides. We have a junior program in place directed by Benjamin Weekes, one of our seasoned teammates.
    We are a motivated and dedicated Oakland based cycling team that attempts to further the vision of Major Marshall Taylor the fastest man alive and the first African-American athlete to reach the world plateau of sports. Taylor was a role model in the 1920’s and continues to inspire us at Major Motion Cycling Team. We hope that everyone interested can see this vision and embrace the goal of clean living, challenging ourselves, and clean riding.

    Please feel free to contact me or to have someone contact me at your earliest convenience.
    Mark Sneed

    I’ll go out and do my best. I’m not afraid to fail. My father has a saying, “If you’re worried, you’re not praying,” and I pray a lot.
    ~ Shaun King

  6. Bryan Wierzchucki says

    Love the race reports about the masters and pros but what about the little guys. A large chunk of readers and visitors will never race Masters 35+ or Pro 1-2 category yet would love to get a chance to share a race report on the web page or Facebook page. I race the “Other” Masters category, the 30+ cat 4 here in SoCal. May of us got our start late in racing and just don’t have the time to train in order to compete against DiMarchi, Charon, or the Cuban Missile. Seriously, am I supposed to race against a guys whose known as the “Cuban Missile.” But none the less we race the same courses and take the same risks week in and week out. A little love wouldn’t hurt anyone and would probably increase readership. Fortunately for you I have a well written race report from Ontario 5 and I even have some excellent high resolution pics you can use free of charge. The photographer is no Dan Munson but they are very nice, especially ones with yours truly in them. Chew on the idea and get back to me, You have my email. I have done all the work, all you have to do is insert and hit enter.