Hibernation and Motivation


Hibernation and Motivation by Trina Jacobson
Once the clocks roll back and it’s dark before I leave the office, I find myself wanting to hibernate: more layers of clothes, more comfort foods, and less activity. It’s a constant battle between what evolution dictates and what my cycling goals dictate. In addition, this time of year seems to be jammed packed with extra-curricular activities that syphon off training time, like shopping for bigger pants to accommodate a few pounds of winter weight gain.
I’ve become stressed out about maintaining a certain level of fitness so that I’m not starting from square one when it’s time to ramp up the intensity for next season which is quickly approaching. Racing for a new team and having some new goals adds to the pressure to not suck wheel.
So, a couple of weeks ago, I sat down and wrote a training plan for myself and I’ve already miserably failed to follow it and I don’t even have anyone to discuss it with! I know all the benefits of having a coach, but yet I don’t have one. Let’s look at why I will benefit from having a coach.
Motivation: I’ll procrastinate long enough that I constantly feel like I’m starting over, or feel like I’ve got to “make-up” lost training, which can be detrimental to overall fitness. With someone else checking up on what I’m doing, I try harder to make it happen. 
Accountability: Self coaching means that only I know what I’m supposed to be doing, the epitome of super-secret training, right? I also tend to make it too easy and slant it to the things I like to do most. I’ve also been known to flat out not do everything I set out to do.
Outside perspective: When I analyze my own performance, I often see what I want to see like that sprint on the last group ride, but when someone else takes a look, I can’t hide anything like how fast I went backward through the group on that hill…wait, everyone saw that.
So, I’ve hit the reset button on my off season and I’m looking for a coach to help keep me in line. There, I admit I need help; just like I need help being a good mom, a good teammate, or a good employee. I can’t do it all alone and I don’t think I was meant to.

Trina is a mom, loves pie as much as any girl, and an associate cycling coach for Crank Cycling in San Diego, CA.




  1. Tom says

    I’m in the same boat, with this winter time chill/darkness. Although i do have other distractions. For me, i have this internal lazy clock that states whenever it’s dark; it’s time to relax or play video games ect. But that doesn’t work since it starts to get dark so early at 5 PM now… so i achieve nothing all day and then get frustrated; it doesn’t help that i have no friends and am addicted to video games. But that’s part of the reason i’m striving to become a musician; i love music, and i see it also as a way to get away from my addiction and to start making friends. Anyways i love riding my bike too though ;0, i guess i’ll just have to get a new light for it, those little lights always break ahhhh! I guess Extreme Independence is a two-faced card.
    from la mesa


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