When the cream rises to the top by:Chris DeMarchi

San Dimas Stage Race Stage Three Criterium

San Dimas 2013
by Chris Demarchi

San Dimas 2013

by Chris Demarchi (MMRI)


Always a race of separation, when the cream rises to the top! This year would be no different.


The start list was shorter than normal, but as deep as a field could get. This is truly a target race for just about every athlete in the field. The unsaid rule here is race hard or go home!

Friday’s time trial up GMR proved to be exactly what everyone thought it would be. Rudy Napolitano took the top spot with Chris McDonald less than half a second behind. I rounded out the top 8 in the TT and we were only separated by 43 seconds.

The road race was going to be a challenge because we had Rudy in yellow and one of the strongest riders in the field. Taking seconds away from him would be a hard feat. We also had Matt Carinio and Craig Nunes sitting a few seconds back. MRI Endurance went into the race with plans to attack, a back up plan, and a whole lot of unknowns. This race and this course can put the best guys in the box. The race developed rather quickly with some attacks. Rudy, Easter, and the rest of their team remained solid and showed no panic. Time bonuses for us were only an option if they showed up as an opportunity. It was not a plan to waste valuable energy for a few seconds. With 2 laps to go we put Gary Douville into a move with Fritz from Rockform racing. It looked good for us because Gary was only a few seconds off the yellow. Easter jumped after the move and bridged to it. It was our hope that Gary could crack Mike Easter on the final climb and gain a few valuable seconds over him. Mike proved to be as strong as we all thought. He dug deep and won the road race. Gary finished second. That put MRI 8 seconds down going into the crit. [Read more…]

The life of a “Cycling Soigneur” by Paige DeVilbiss


It’s hard to believe Interbike is just three days away and that the domestic road season is over. I wish I could recount every memory from the past eight months, but it would probably fill the space of a novel. I could tell you about Kenda/5-Hour Energy’s amateur barbershop hour right before the time trial at Joe Martin Stage Race. Or the time the juniors from Monster Media Racing tried to set me up with one of their friends in Las Vegas during team camp. I can boast about the Kenda Pro Cycling crit squad winning 8 out of the 11 stages at Tour of America’s Dairyland, and can even talk about Monster Media Racing giving me a fitting gift by winning the first night of Tulsa Tough on my birthday. But I’ll save that for another day when I decide to write my tell-all memoir. (Joking)For those of you wondering who I am, and what exactly it is I do, let me introduce myself. My name is Paige. Southern California readers who follow local racing have likely seen me around. I’m the girl with the fiery read hair, now blonde, with the race-day attitude to match while man handling canopies at 5 AM or screaming time gaps on crit courses for Monster Media Racing presented by MRI Performance. I work behind the scenes as a soigneur, a staff member of a cycling team with a list of responsibilities longer than your mother’s monthly grocery shopping list. I look after riders so they can perform at their highest abilities without having to worry about things like not having water on their bikes or if there’s a wet towel to wipe down with post race. To the juniors I’m a foster mother on the road, taking care of them like they’re my own. One even calls me “mom” from time to time because he thinks it’s hilarious.  [Read more…]

Press Release!! Kirk Bausch is the new Global Sales Manager for Cyclingillustrated.com.


Please allow me this opportunity to introduce you to the newest leader in our organization, Mr. Kirk Bausch.  As the Global Sales Director of Cyclingillustrated.com, Kirk will serve in a variety of roles.  His major responsibilities include: identifying future business opportunities, managing relationships with key existing and prospective clients, evaluating our business from a large-scale perspective and developing best practices in Customer Service, Retention and Sales.  Kirk, who will continue to be a partner of Wattie Inc. as well, is a seasoned professional and serial entrepreneur.  His proven success in multiple management roles throughout the field of sports performance has prepared him to lead our retail efforts. We are honored to have him join our team.  On behalf of everyone at Cyclingillustrated.com, I welcome him to our family and wish him the best in his new role.  I am confident that Kirk will be an invaluable asset in achieving the level of excellence we desire.




Warmest Regards,


Brandon Hale

Trading a Dream Season for a National Title By Charon Smith (Surf City Cyclery/Sterling BMW)

Recently I was asked if I would trade my 12 wins, back to back 35+ California state titles, and capturing the coveted SoCal Cup in exchange for the Masters National Criterium Championship stars and stripes jersey. When first asked, I was stuck and thought it was a great question. After pondering over it for a while, I answered, “No.”


Some may think I am foolish or a little crazy for saying no, but honestly, I take each race one race at a time and no matter where or what race I am doing, the goal is always to win. It doesn’t matter if it’s racing in Ontario or racing in Carson at a CBR race. These two races are put on several times throughout the year, so many people don’t value them as much, but I think that is the wrong approach when it comes to competing. As a sponsored rider, I feel like I owe it to my sponsors and team to always to give my all. They do a lot for me so I refuse to do a disservice to them  by not giving 100 percent each time I suit up to race.

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Bonk & Recovery

You are a bicyclist and have been warned about avoiding something called “bonk.” What is it and how do you recover from it?


The term “bonk” is another word used for the medical condition known as hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Depending upon its severity, low blood sugar can cause all kind of havoc on your body and cycling career. It can happen at any time.


According to cycling experts, bonking occurs when the glycogen (the stored version of sugar known as glucose) level in your muscles diminish. When this happens, your body switches gears and burns other fuel sources stored throughout your burn. This fuel is harder to gain access to, so your body has to work much harder to burn it. This is where the problem arises.

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2012 Tour of Britain Stage 6 GC lead changes again. Watch Here!

2012, Caerphilly, England, Tour of Britain, Stage 6 189km, As the break away crumbles on a climb, Jonathan Tiernan-Locke (Endura) attacked to claim the GC lead by 13 seconds, as Leopold Koenig (NetApp) just ahead of him gets the stage win.

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Upgrade Races on the Velodrome by Trina Jacobson

Last Saturday evening, I attended one of 6 sanctioned races held at the San Diego Velodrome aimed at providing an opportunity for track racers to upgrade. Usually us women don’t get enough racers to earn any upgrade points and this night was one of them. Knowing I couldn’t earn any upgrade points in the women’s field, I decided to do some men’s races. I had my pick of the men’s fields since I’m a Category 3 racer on the track and can race in any race a Category 4 male can. I decided on the 4/5 field as well as the women’s field …it wouldn’t be that hard…WRONG.

The first men’s race was a short scratch race and crazy fast! In a scratch race, the first person across the line is the winner, like a crit. It was faster than Tuesday night racing with the B’s and it was all I could do to hold on until the last lap where I was spit out the back. With the first race done and legs completely loaded, I not so gracefully dug my bar end into my thigh while getting off my track bike. I think I see the Virgin Mary in my bruise. At least I didn’t have the dreaded slow motion tip over. [Read more…]

2012 Tour of Britain Stage 5 Crash filled day! Watch the highlights here!

2012, Hanley, England, Tour of Britain, Stage 5 147km, In an action packed day with three crashes and GC leader Mark Cavenidsh (Sky) cracking bad, Marc De Maar (United) gets the stage win and Leigh Howard (Orica) reclaims the GC lead by 7 seconds.

Alexis Ryan (Tibco) in “The Conversation”! Watch it here! #WSWC


Road: 1, Cyclocross: 1, Mountain Bike: 1, Track: 4


2007    USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships        13-14 Women 1st

2008    USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships               15-16 Women 1st

2009    USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships               15-16 Women 2nd

2010    USA Cycling Road Race National Championships                15-16 Women 2nd

2010    USA Cycling Criterium National Championships                 15-16 Women 6th

2010    USA Cycling Time Trial National Championships                15-16 Women 4th

2010    USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships        15-16 Women 3rd

2010    USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships               17-18 Women 1st

2011    De Vlees Huis Ronde Road Race                                            Pro Women     2nd

2011    Sea Otter Classic Cross Country Mountain Bike                  17-18 Women 2nd

2011    Devil’s Punch Bowl Road Race                                              Pro Women     3rd

2011    Chuck Pontius Memorial Criterium                                       Pro Women     7th

2011    Dana Point Grand Prix                                                            Pro Women     6th

2011    San Pedro Grand Prix                                                              Pro Women     3rd

2011    USA Cycling Time Trial National Championships                17-18 Women 5th

2011    USA Cycling Criterium National Championships                 17-18 Women 1st

2011    USA Cycling Road Race National Championships                17-18 Women 1st

2011    UCI Windham Mountain Bike World Cup                            17-18 Women 4th

2011    USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships        17-18 Women 5th

2011    USA Cycling Short Track National Championships              Open Women  6th

2011    UCI World Road Race Championships                                  17-18 Women 43rd

2012    Rosena Ranch Circuit Race                                                     Pro Women     3rd

2012    Redlands Bicycle Classic Criterium                                        Pro Women     5th

2012    Sea Otter Classic Criterium                                                    Pro Women     5th

2012    Speed Week: Terrapin Athens Twilight Criterium                 Pro Women     10th

2012    Speed Week: Historic Roswell Criterium                               Pro Women     5th

2012    Speed Week: Beaufort Memorial Classic                               Pro Women     8th

2012    Speed Week: Electric City Circuit                                          Pro Women     7th

2012    Speed Week Overall Omnium                                     Pro Women     11th

2012    Barry Wolfe Grand Prix                                                          Pro Women     5th

2012    Lake Bluff Twilight Criterium                                                Pro Women     8th

2012    Glencoe Grand Prix                                                                 Pro Women     5th

2012    USA Cycling Time Trial National Championships                17-18 Women 4th

2012    USA Cycling Criterium National Championships                 17-18 Women 1st

2012    USA Cycling Road Race National Championships                17-18 Women 1st

2012    Manhattan Beach Grand Prix                                                 Pro Women     5th

2012    USA Cycling Individual Pursuit National Championships    17-18 Women 2nd

2012    USA Cycling Team Pursuit National Championship             15-18 Women 1st

2012    Brentwood Grand Prix                                                            Pro Women     3rd

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Reliving the Masters Nationals Road Race By Richard Meeker(Breakaway from Cancer)

Wow, an 8 AM start time.  Its 4:30 AM. Up and at ‘em. Today is the big day for the long awaited National Masters Road Race in Bend, Oregon.  It’s the most prestigious title to earn in the United States.  Today I am racing the 50-54 Men’s road race.  All the big dogs come out to Nationals to earn that coveted Stars and Stripes National Championship Jersey for another year.  Roger Worthington, my teammate, my fiancé and I make the drive out to Mt. Bachelor for the cold early 8 AM start.  It’s 38 degrees at the start but the sun is out.  Approximately 80 guys line up at the start.

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